What Does SOZ Mean and How is it Used?

SOZ is an internet slang for ‘sorry’. All the people who use the internet, and are fond of texting, usually use this acronym when talking to someone when the need for the word ‘sorry’ appears. It is simply a replacement word for sorry in the texting world.

When Should You Use SOZ?

Just how you use the word ‘sorry’ in your speech, you can use SOZ as a replacement when texting. People sometimes also use the word ‘SOZ’ verbally as well when talking to someone. This usually happens when a person uses internet slangs a lot, as a result, they use it in their verbal conversations as well.

SOZ has a more sarcastic tone attached to it. It is not an acronym to be used when you seriously have to apologize to someone. SOZ is used mostly on the lighter note, where you and your friends, say, for example, we’re talking and one of the friends joked about the other, and then said SOZ in very casual manner.

Soz or SOZ, Which One Should Be Used?

How you write an internet slang, does not matter. You can write it in all caps, you can also write it all in lower case, and if you like, you can also add periods after every alphabet to add more emphasis. In English language, periods in between alphabets basically indicate that each alphabet stands for a word. But for internet slang, this rule does not imply. You can play with the words however you like. Just make sure that the acronym you are using is relevant to the conversation that you and your friend are having.

Let’s look at a few different scenarios where you can use the acronym SOZ.

Examples for SOZ

Example 1

G: There is this amazing party this weekend. My friend from college is invited. Do you want to come?
H: Soz! I don’t go to college parties without an invite.
G: Don’t drama! Come with me!
H: Soz again, I don’t hang out with college people=p

In this example, the person H is not only saying sorry to tell G that they cannot come to the party but are also making a sarcastic comment to make the conversation funnier.

Example 2

Friend 1: Do you think you can help me with the dinner tonight?
Friend 2: Soz! I can’t cook and I won’t cook because cooking is tough. Oh and I don’t know how to cook.
Friend 1: Thanks  A LOT for the help friend*PERIOD*

Here again, friend 2 has used the slang word ‘soz’ to add some sarcasm to the conversation between the two friends. While she is also apologizing for not helping her with cooking the dinner, but the friend is also adding a funny tone to it so that the conversation does not get too serious.

Example 3

You and your friends had planned an escape weekend for spring break. Turns out that you have a very important family event to attend in the same spring break and won’t be able to join your friends for the escape weekend. So, to apologize, while keeping everything and everyone cool, you message them saying:

‘Soz girls! Won’t be able to come next week. I have a wedding to attend and I cannot miss it as it’s in PARIS!’

You can sense the sarcasm in the example. You are not only saying soz, but are also adding a reason to why you are sorry-but-not-sorry because you are going to Paris. Who would miss going to Paris especially when someone else is paying for the trip?

Example 4

Mother: Can somebody come down and help me in the kitchen?
Son: Soz! I have more important stuff to do.
Mother: I would love to see what ‘important’ stuff you have to do.
(Mother enters the room and sees you lying cozy on the bed with your phone in your hand and laptop on the bed)

The example shows a sarcastic comparison between the two jobs that the son has to choose between and according to him, it is the latter. Using the word Soz here just makes it more sarcastic for a reader because clearly, we can see what is more important.

Punctuation and Grammar Etiquettes for Internet Jargons

There are NO Etiquettes for internet jargons, what so ever. It is not like the usual English language words that we use when studying in school, where we have to be careful about the spellings and the grammar. Nobody will judge you for the spellings of an internet jargon and whether you use the right cases to write it. Internet slang is meant to be informal, which means, we can change the words spellings, grammars styles and sometimes even spelling the way we like it. There is no rule of thumb here. This means you can use the internet jargon the way you want to write it and not the way it is supposed to be.


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