What does ‘Sliding Into Your DM like’ mean?

DM is a short abbreviation used for ‘Direct Message’.  This is an feature offered on social networks like Twitter and Instagram where a user can message anyone else directly and this conversation remains private between the two. People usually use this feature when they don’t want someone else to be a part of this conversation or want it to remain a ‘thing’ between two people.

Frequent users of social networks and those who love being on the internet, socialize with random people as well as friends. There are n number of chances that they find ‘someone’ that attracts them and that, would lead them to message them. People have used this as a basis of another great meme of the young generation, that is, ‘Slide into Your DM’.

What does Slide into Your DM Exactly Mean?

It is a very bold way of expressing your interests in someone, where a person who has the guts to DM the person they want to know more about. And people who use this phrase mostly, don’t just write it like this, but continue it with either a picture that defines their emotion better or a GIF, which again adds meaning to the sentence.

This phrase cannot only be used with people that you already are friends with or people you know as acquaintance. Users send these to strangers as well to show their interest.

Anyone can slide into your DM

Yes, on networks like Twitter, anyone, even if they are not on your followers list, can DM you. There is no such restriction that you must follow each other to DM. This means you can slide into anyone’s DM, like a pro.

Hashtag: Slide into DM

People are making some really amazing ideas to pair it up with ‘slide into DM’ memes which has become a trend on all the social networking forums especially Twitter. They write down #SlidingintoyourDMlike or #SlideintoDMlike followed by an image or video.

The best ones so far are the short video clips or GIFs that show a representation of a specific individual’s expression regarding the topic of interest. And because everyone defines their perspective in a different manner, it makes it more hilarious as some ideas are super funny.

While this phrase ‘slide into DM’ was supposed to be a meme. We also have users who use this hash tag for serious business purposes. Not just on Twitter, but even Instagram have users who have been using this hash tag to guide their customers to DM them for more information, as many business profiles are emerging, they often use this hash tag to inform their buyers.

These ‘DM’ hash tags are trending on Tumblr as well.

How can you link a picture/video and #SlideintoDM?

You know exactly how you are feeling. Now based on those feelings, find a picture on the internet that would best define your current expression. For instance, when someone you romantically like is the subject, you often feel super happy or excited. So you can use images /videos from your favourite movies to interpret that.

Once you have decided on which picture or which video you are going to post, all you need to do is add the hash tag #SlideintoDMlike or #SlidingintoyourDMlike in the caption of that picture.

This gives the viewer an idea of what you are thinking. You can check out the following hash tag examples to get ideas.

The second one here is an example of how you can add a GIF or a short video to add the humour element to a message. And that is the purpose of such memes. To make something super funny, and if people feel connected to the idea, they will start using and as a result it will become a trend.

Check out this funny example of sliding in the DM like here.

Why do People DM or Slide into DMs?

Social networks, as we all know, allows people to interact with everyone. For example, when you tweet, you allow people to view your tweet and reshare it. This means that people can interact publicly over such tweets. Now there are people who would want to talk to others privately. And there is nothing wrong in this as long as the person isn’t causing you any trouble.

So the basic purpose of DMs is to give users a personal space. The hash tag #slideintoDM or #slidingintoyourdm, or the phrase in itself expresses the feeling of the person to contact the girl or boy, or celebrity, of their interest privately.

As this has become a trend, to DM, it has also become relatable for people like you and I. We would read memes or watch GIFs on  #slidingintoyourdmlike and we would be laughing. Why? Because we understand the feeling or the idea that the creator of that meme is trying to convey to us.


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