What Does ROFL Stand For

ROFL, stand for ‘Rolling on Floor, Laughing’, and ROFLMAO, is an extended form of ROFL, which means ‘Rolling on Floor, Laughing My A** Out’. Both are internet jargons used when someone finds something extremely funny. It is used on the internet, commonly seen on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Why Use Acronyms Like ROFL?

The purpose of using such acronyms on the internet is to convey to the recipient that what they sent, or what they said, or the meme that they tagged you in was so funny that they started rolling on the floor laughing so extensively. Even though this doesn’t have to be the literal representation of what they feel. They probably just laughed a little and didn’t really roll on the floor.

It is like how we use LOL in our conversation over a text message or even on the social networks. ‘LOL’ is often used by many users, even if they are not actually laughing. Similarly, ROFLMAO, is an internet slang which is used, even if the sender does not literally mean it.

When Should You Use ROFLMAO?

ROFL, or ROFLMAO, represent different levels of finding something funny. There are other similar acronyms as well which could be used for different levels of jokes or how something a friend just said made you laugh but at different ‘laughing’ levels. For instance, if someone made a statement which wasn’t that funny but made you smiled, you might just send them a ‘lol’ as your reply to what they said, even though you did not ‘laugh out loud’. But, if it was something which you felt was ‘EXTREMELY’ funny, and did also make you laugh a little, you might reply with a ‘ROFL’ or ‘ROFLMAO’,  depending on how funny you found it.

Different Acronyms Similar in Meaning to ROFL

  • ROFLMAO , which stand for ‘Rolling on the Floor Laughing My A** Out
  • LMAO, which means, Laughing My A** Out
  • BWAHAH, which is a written representation of laughing similar to hahaha
  • MWAHAHA, is another way of writing Bwahah

Internet Slang can be made with any phrase. You can create one of your own too. For instance, ‘LLC’, which means ‘Laughing Like Crazy’.

Punctuation, Grammar and Internet Jargons

The use of correct punctuation and grammar is not important when talking about internet jargons. When you use an internet slang word, like ROFL, there are no rules that you must follow to make it correct according to the English language. The only, and the most important rule, or criteria to use any internet jargon is to use it in a place where it fits best. You cannot use ROFL at a place where no said anything funny. That would not make sense. Instead, use ROFL at a place where someone did say something funny, and ROFLMAO in a conversation which is even funnier.

You can write ROFL, rofl or R.o.f.l. whether you type it in upper case or lower case, it will not change the meaning or the impact of the acronym. Similarly, you can use ROFLMAO, roflmao, or r.o.f.l.m.a.o in any of the three ways. Your grammar sense is not being judged here.

How Did ROFL Become a Trend?

LOL, is believed to be the first acronym which is used in response to funny statements by friends or family. ROFL is similar to LOL, used mostly when the content you just read is funnier than that one for LOL. ROFLMAO is yet another higher level of finding something hilarious, in comparison to when using ROFL or LOL. However, in the end, it is the choice of the user, how they want to use any of the internet acronyms mentioned above, depending on their reaction to anything.

Example of ROFL

Example 1

H: Did you just read the meme sent in the group. I mean I was literally ROFL, after our conversation last night. So relatable!
G: I know right!

Example 2

Friend 1: I went to the classroom today, and saw the teacher literally drooling on the desk. She was asleep. She didn’t even notice all the kids coming in.
Friend 2: What!!
Friend 1: Wait let me send you a picture.
Friend 1 sends a picture of the teacher sleeping on the desk.
Friend 2: ROFL!!!! She is probably going to be very angry when she wakes up to this on the social media!
Friend 1: LOL!

Examples for ROFLMAO

Example 1

Y: Who told mom about my sneak out last night?
X: I didn’t, it must have been Z.
Y: Z did you?
Z: *ignoring*
Y: You think this is funny?
Z: You mean you getting scolded by mom for sneaking out at midnight Cinderella? Yes, it is, I was literally ROFLMAO when she called your name at breakfast today.
Y: -_-

Example 2

You tag a friend under a very funny meme, to which your friend replies with a ‘roflmao’ in the comment section.


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