What Does PFP Stand For?

PFP stands for ‘Picture For Proof’ or ‘Picture for Profile’. It is used by teenagers and young adults, all the time, when they are talking about their profile pictures on any of the social media forums. Users also write pfp when they want a proof of what their friend just said.

You can use it in both its meanings. As these two are the most popular meanings of PFP. When using pfp in its first meaning, that is picture for proof, remember that it is used more of as a question for your friends or the person you are talking to, to send you a picture proving that they are not lying.

PFP for Profile Picture

PFP in this sense is mostly used in a general conversation. Where two or more people talk to each other about their profile photos. The following examples will help you understand how you can use the acronym PFP when talking about profile pictures.

Example 1

Z: Helen! Check out my pfp right now and tell me if its good or should I change it?
Helen: Not now Z, I am busy doing something.
Z: Fine.

Example 2

Gerard: I think I need a new pfp.
Tes: No, you don’t need a new pfp, you need a new life.
Gerard: Can you stop being mean for once?
Tes: No! ^-^

Example 3

You had been  away from all social media forums for a week. Your best friend messages you.

H: have you seen sara pfp?
T: Have you noticed I am not on any of the social networks?
H: What?
T: Yes!-_-
H: I just uploaded such a cute pfp with you on your birthday!
T: ha ha, no worries, I know you love me.
H: But my pfp! Do you know how many likes I got?
T: How many?
H: 87!
T: Wow! I am pretty lucky for you.
H: Shush!

Now while PFP for profile picture is just people discussing their and other peoples profile pictures that they update on social networks, PFP for proof, is a completely different story.

PFP for Proof

People socialize all the time on the internet. They talk to strangers, follow strangers and friends, and have the entire family on board. And since everyone makes their life public on these same networks, it is even easier to know what is up in their life.

Example for PFP for Proof

Example 1

Your friend just got her friend request accepted from her favourite celebrity. And she messages you that celebrity X added her as a friend. And you don’t believe a word she says because she has been playing some serious pranks with you lately. So to believe her, you ask her for a proof picture. Instead of writing ‘send me a picture for proof’, you can write ‘send me a pfp’. That means, send me a ‘picture for proof’. And this will be the deciding factor for you to believe her or not. If she sends you a picture, you will believe her. And if she doesn’t, you would automatically know that she was just pranking you.

Example 2

TM: Somebody just sent me a $1000 prize coupon.
Jen: no kidding. You’re lying.
TM: Will you believe me if I send you a pfp?
Jen: Yeah I guess I would have no other option otherwise.
TM : (sends pfp)
TM: I don’t know!
Jen: This is insane!
TM: It is.
Jen: What is the plan? Are you going to cash it?
TM: I really don’t know. I am not sure. I don’t even know who sent it. Maybe it’s a joke.

Example 3

Group message

I: Don’t come to college guys. Unannounced holiday today.
G: WHAT? I am half way through.
T: how do you know?
I: I am there.
G: PFP! Don’t make us miss a class for no reason.
I: *facepalm* I am not lying you fools.
T: pfp to prove it.
I: -_-
G: Caught ya!
I: (sends a picture of him standing outside the college gate with a notice of ‘sorry for the inconvenience but the school will remain closed today.’)
G: :/ sucks
T: Lets go for a movie instead.
T: Bye, I am going back to sleep!

Example 4

Your best friend and her classmate just had a major fight about you. She is sending you pfp of the fight to show you the stuff she has been saying about you because her friend and you are neighbours. And you did not believe what your best friend said earlier because the neighbour is also a childhood friend for you.

PFP can be very helpful at times for checking whether the other person is being honest or are just lying to you on your face. So the next time you feel like someone is not telling the truth, simply ask them for a pfp. Solution to most of the problems.


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