What Does OTP Mean and How Should it be Used

OTP stands for ‘One True Pairing’ and is often seen being used on social networking websites, especially on Tumblr. Internet users who often use OTP, use the acronym usually in extreme appreciation of their favorite stars on television or in movies. And not just for celebrities, people also use this acronym to show their love for two people who they assume, or would love to see together as a couple, as a pair on screen or even as a pair in general.

You might have also witnessed other similar internet jargons which are popularly used on all social networking websites like BTW (By the way), WTH (what the hell), ILY (I love you) and the list for these acronyms is never-ending.

Young adults, and especially teenagers love to use these acronyms in their day to day life, while text messaging, or when they are talking to others on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter or even Tumblr. For instance, people who have seen the Twilight Saga can relate to the awesome pairing of Edward and Bella. So for this, a fan would happily use the acronym OTP, by saying, Edward and Bella were OTP, I hope I get to see more of them soon.

How Should the Acronym OTP be used over the Internet

People who are fond of the internet, and love creating a statement, use OTP when they want to share their view about a pairing of celebrities, or even school seniors or juniors. They might even pair up characters from a novel in creativity and according to their wish. There is not rule what so ever for this acronym. It can be used for anyone.

The trends display that most of the people who use OTP are fans of celebrities. And that is why this acronym has become a ‘fan’ acronym as people use it to display their affection towards an already existing pairing of two celebrities or a fan-made pairing, like we usually see people joining bits of two different movies to show how the two celebrities will look together if cast in the same movie or tv show.

A Close Alternate of OTP on Tumblr

If you are a major Tumblr follower, you might have come across another word which is often used as a close alternative to the internet jargon OTP, that is, ‘ship’ or ‘shipping’.

Ship or shipping is used in the form of a verb, to explain the relationship between two characters of a movie or a series.

Examples of OTP

Example 1

H: Have you seen the Notebook?
Z: Of course I have! Who hasn’t? What about it?
H: I saw it yesterday after so long. The leads totally are OTP. Do you know more movies which star them?
Z: No idea about that, but yes, the Notebook is one sad ye beautiful piece of art.

Example 2

You just started watching The Vampire Diaries series and cannot get over Stefan and Elena. This is what you have to say on the internet:

‘Stefen and Elena<3 OTP! I can’t believe I had not watched this show all these years. I was truly missing on some major stuff.’

Example 3

Juniors talking about their seniors:

J1: I think Jay and Ian would be OTP don’t you think so?
J2: I think so too, but it doesn’t really matter what we want=p
J1: True that.

Examples for the term Ship & Shipping

Example 1

Friend 1: OMG! Have you guys seen that new Amazon Prime show? I am shipping the leads man! I am so hooked to the show and the leads are just so adorable together! OTP for sure.

In this example, you can notice the use of OTP and Shipping in the same statement. While you cannot literally use shipping as a perfect alternate for OTP, but even if you did not use the acronym at the end of the sentence, the readers can still understand the meaning when you said you are shipping for the leads.

Example 2

S: I totally ship you two!
T: Us? Why?
S: You two are just perfect together. You both always find a way to make things work.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Internet Jargons

Do not use internet jargons when in a formal setting. The acronym OTP, or in this case, any internet jargon must not be used in the setting of an office or a university when the conversation is between professors or employers. It gives a very unprofessional and negative impact where the receiving end might see you as a very unprofessional candidate.

Casual settings like hanging out with friends and family or even colleagues are the kind of settings or the people with whom you can use such acronyms without worrying about the consequences. These again are the people you can talk over the internet using the acronyms casually.


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