What Does OOMF Stand For?

OOMF stands for ‘One of My Followers’ and ‘One of My Friends’. It is a very popular acronym used on the internet when people socially interact over social networks, use it as hashtags and often write OOMF when texting people they know.

OOMF may be misunderstood by many as a sound that can be used as an alternative to ‘ouch’ or ‘oh’, but let me tell you this, it is NOT a sound. OOMF is an abbreviation and each alphabet for OOMF stands for a certain word.

Since there are two meanings to it, you can use OOMF in two ways.

  • OOMF for followers
  • OOMF for friends

These are just two meanings for OOMF, but can be used in the same way. Followers basically are the people who are following you on Twitter, while friends are those whom you know personally. You can use OOMF for both if you are having a conversation on a social networking site, or text messaging anyone, while you need to tell them something or give reference of a friend or a follower. Let’s look at a few examples which could be used for both the OOMF’s here.

How Do You Use OOMF When You Have to Give a Reference?

Say, for example, that you are talking to someone, and you have to tell them something that a follower of yours, or a friend said, and makes perfect sense to quote here. You would say, ‘OOMF said the same exact thing and this totally makes sense now, I understand why people always do this.’

The person you are talking to, if aware about the internet jargons, would understand your use of OOMF and would automatically know that your follower or friend said the same thing that you both were just discussing.

Similarly, if you are putting up a status on one of the social networking websites, and you want to dedicate it to someone indirectly or tell someone indirectly that what they said mattered, or made sense, or even when something they did hurt you or had a bad impact, you can write ‘I noticed OOMF in the comment section using some really bad vocabulary to talk to the haters. Request to all, please be kind and use kind words. It doesn’t matter what they say. If you really are OOMF, you would understand the importance of kindness.’

Upper Case or Lower Case OOMF?

Typing on the internet is usually done at a very high speed, and people make it even easier for them to type when they make use of these internet jargons. This is the reason why internet acronyms are made, to make typing easier. And since the purpose of internet slang is to keep it all easy and fast, there are no rules attached to it. This means, that you do not need to follow the general English Language rules, that you otherwise would follow if this was a professional environment, but since it is not, there are no rules for how you write OOMF. Type is in all upper case, like OOMF, or all in lower case, like oomf, it will not make the tiniest difference in the meaning of these acronyms.

You can play with the punctuation of internet jargons any way that you want to. You can also keep alternate alphabets capital and others in a lower case like oOmF, or separate alphabets by adding periods, for instance, O.O.M.F. or o.o.m.f. All these forms are acceptable by all social networking users. Nobody on the internet family will judge you for not writing OOMF and writing oomf instead, because there is no rule book for internet jargons.

Examples for OOMF

Example 1

Friend 1: Did you read what OOMF said?
Friend 2: No! what did she say?
Friend 1: It was a ‘he’, he said some really sweet words regarding my writing style and said he knows someone in the publishing industry and asked me if I was interested in getting my book published.
Friend 2: And???
Friend 1: And OF COURSE I said sure, let’s talk about this!

Example 2

Update on Instagram or Tweet on Twitter:

‘I must say, I am obliged to have so many beautiful followers on my account. It feels so good to know that people are loving what I am writing. OOMF told me a day before how my words really helped her to take such an important decision in her life. And I could not be happier right now because you guys make me believe in myself! Thank you!’

Example 3

A conversation between friends about a book.

H: I love that book! But I did not like how it ended. So abrupt.
G: But OOMF said the ending is what the book is all about, and what makes the reader love the book. I haven’t read it though. Do you think I should?
H: Go for it, everybody has a different perspective, yours might be different too.


Habiba Rehman

Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.