What Does O.F.N Stand For?

The acronym OFN has two meanings. The first is ‘On Foe Nem’ and the second one is ‘Old F***ing/Freaking News. OFN for the first meaning is mostly used as a swearing phrase, where Foe Nem refers to anyone who means a lot to you. While OFN, in its second meaning is used by many internet users when they already knew about something someone just told them about.

‘On Foe Nem’ Origin

Foe Nem or Foe Nem gets its origin from Chicago, where the gangs of Chicago, use this term often. It is more like a swearing term. The term ‘Foe Nem’ refers to anyone who plays a significant role in your life. And adding the word ‘On’ before saying Foe Nem is a way of saying that ‘Swear on them’. People use OFN for this, to tell the other person that they are not lying and are telling the truth.

Examples of OFN in Terms of Foe Nem

When I said it is  a culture of gangs in Chicago to use Foe Nem, it doesn’t mean that it is only used by people either belonging to Chicago or people who are part of a gang. Anyone, who knows how to use the acronym OFN, can use it in their online activities or even in speech.

Example 1

Friend 1: Guess what?
Friend 2: What?
Friend 1: I just met Angelina Jolie!
Friend 2: LIAR!
Friend 1: OFN! I did!
Friend 2: Send me a picture now!
Friend 1: Wait.

It is a ‘friend’s’ thing, where they usually don’t believe what you said because they think you’re a liar. Using OFN here, can tell them that you are not lying that you really did mean what you said.

Example 2

X: What’s up?
Y: Off to Paris.
X: What? Stop lying, you have an exam next week.
Y: OFN dude, I am going to Paris, like right now. And I will be back before my exam. This was a family plan so couldn’t miss it. Wouldn’t miss it for an exam at least lol.
X: Lucky man!

Example 3

Gale: OFN I am going to faint out of hunger.
Tee: People die out of hunger, they don’t faint.
Gale: Just get my point okay? Order already.
Tee: Okay!

Example 4

Wes: Do you know what we need?
Taz: What?
Wes: A long vacation.
Taz: OFN I was just thinking about planning one. Hi five!

Example 5

Zoe: OFN if you don’t come here right now I am not talking to you.
Helen: Relax Zoe, I am on my way. There is a lot of traffic.
Zoe: You have been saying that since the last hour. Video call me right now.
Helen: just shush okay? I am coming. Just wait -_-

All of the examples above show you how you can use OFN when you have to say On Foe Nem. You can write it in upper or lower case, as it won’t change the meaning of the acronym either way. You can also write OFN at the beginning of any sentence, or use it to conclude what you are trying to say. For instance, saying ‘OFN I just saw that woman steal a packet of chips from a stall.’ Or, you can say, ‘I am so bored ofn.’

Using OFN as ‘Old F***ing News’

Usually used by people who have already received a news that someone right now told them about. You can use OFN here to tell them that you already know about it and it is an ‘Old Freaking News’. Adding the word F***ing here, makes the expression focus more on the ‘old’ part. And anyone, can use the acronym OFN in this sense.

Example of OFN as ‘Old F***ing News’ or ‘Old Freaking News’

Example 1

Hailey: I heard that Mrs. Smith has resigned and will not be teaching us next semester.
James: OFN man, she resigned last week.
Hailey: Heyy, where was I ?
James: Sleeping probably.

Example 2

Taylor: The government is taking strict actions against people who are not following the traffic rules.
Gen: That’s an OFN Taylor. I got a major fine yesterday for stopping on the zebra crossing when the traffic light was Red. Have to be careful next time. That’s how strict they have become.
Taylor: That means I should get my drivers license renewed before they catch me.
Gen: You bet.

Example 3

Your friend sends you a screenshot of a notice on board about the summer holidays. To this, your reply could be, ‘What an OFN, I mean, we already knew that our summer holidays are going to start from June 7th .’

Example 4

Friend 1: She just deleted me from Facebook.
Friend 2: ofn,  I was sitting right next to her when she deleted you. LOL.
Friend 1: You both are the worst friends ever.
Friend 2: That is another OFN.
Friend 1: -_-

Example 5

Jay: OFN, but I think Mother knows that you sneaked out last week.
Sara: How do you know?
Jay: I just heard her talking to Dad about it.
Sara: Oh Crap!


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