What Does NWT and NWOT Stand For and When is it Used?

NWT stands for ‘New With Tags’ and NWOT stands for ‘New Without Tags’. These abbreviations are mostly used on eBay, which is a website for sale and purchase of goods. People who often do online shopping and come across terms like NWT and NWOT, they might be very confused as to what these mean.

If you are one of those people who are new to eBay and has come across the words NWT and NWOT, let me tell you why products on the website for eBay, has these terms usually written either on the picture of the product or in the description of the product.

If you see NWT or NWOT, written along with the description of the product, don’t get confused. NWT or NWOT is mostly written in front of the heading which says ‘condition’ to inform their consumer that this product has a tag or doesn’t have one. Now, why do buyers write down NWT under their product?

New With Tags Means?

When we physically go out to a shopping mall to purchase anything, we find tags attached to the product. Whether it is a decoration piece or a piece of cloth. Online shopping, especially websites like eBay, where there are buyers from all over the world, people put up products with and without these tags. Saying NWT, which literally means that the product for sale is new, and has a tag attached to it, which can be a way of confirming that the product is brand new and has not been used.

Products with a tag

What Does New Without Tag mean?

Not all products without a tag are used. And when you see someone selling a good on eBay, and write ‘New Without Tags’ in the space for ‘condition’ in the description, this means that the product is as good as a new one as it has not been used, the only flaw is that there is no tag attached to this one.

Without a tag

Is There a Quality Difference between NWT products and NWOT products?

The purpose behind adding a condition of the product is to educate the buyer about the good they are about to purchase. While there might be sellers who might not be honest about the product, however, there is a larger majority of sellers on such websites, who are pretty honest in their dealings. NWT and NWOT products are no different in quality. The only difference is the tag. The tag adds value to the shirt, say for example, that you want to purchase a shirt from eBay, the one with a tag will have a slightly higher price in comparison to the one which does not have a tag attached to it.

With the increase of usage of short abbreviations when having a conversation online, or on any forum whether it is a social networking website, like Facebook, or an e-selling website, like eBay, terms like NWT and NWOT are also gaining popularity.

There are no rules for internet jargon. So whether you write nwt, or NWT, it does not change the meaning of the abbreviation. The words that you attach with the shorthand, however, can change the meaning, making the abbreviation a short form of something else.

So if you are using NWT as New With Tag, and NWOT for New Without Tag, make sure you are talking about products. Look at the following examples to learn how you can use NWT and NWOT in your online speech with others.

Examples for NWT and NWOT

Example 1

You can across this super amazing top on eBay, and you wanted to buy it. But the condition said NWT, so you got very confused about what that meant. So you message your shop-a-holic friend who does eBay shopping all the time, and you ask her what this means. And this is what she replies you with.

“NWT is normal. It simply means that the shirt is with a tag, and is new. If you like it just buy it.”

Example 2

Group Chat
H: IDK Guys, I saw this really cool set of earrings on eBay, but it said NWT, so should I buy it or not? It doesn’t have a tag, is that bad?
Friend: Of course you can buy it, not having a tag attached to a good does not mean that the quality of the product is bad or is a second hand used stuff, it simply means that it does not have a tag but is still brand new. Say, for example, you bought a new shirt from X. You removed the tag, thinking that you’ll wear it over the weekend. But instead, when you tried it again, you didn’t feel like it is your color. So instead of giving it away as a gift, you put it up on a website like eBay, and add NWT to it, so that people know this shirt is new but doesn’t have a tag.
H: Got it!


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