What Does NGL Stand For?

NGL stands for ‘Not Gonna Lie’. Used on all social networking websites and used in text messaging as well. NGl is an internet slang used when you are about to confess something, or are going to express what you are thinking or feeling honestly, without any lies attached.

Just how we use the acronym tbh, which means to be honest, we can also use NGL. Another form of saying that you will be honest with whatever you are about to say.

Should Write NGL in Upper Case or Lower Case?

TBH? It doesn’t matter. This characteristic of internet slang is what makes it different from the usual abbreviations that are used in education or in business related dealings. Internet jargons can be written in both, upper and lower case, and the meaning will still remain the same.So don’t be too confused about whether you want to write NGL or ngl. Either way, your message will be conveyed.

How to Use NGL Appropriately in Messages on Texts and On Social Networking Websites?

Let’s assume that you need to say something or comment something on your friends picture, or post, and you want to say what you really mean. Here, the use of NGL would be appropriate. For instance, it would be right of you to use the acronym NGL in a comment under that picture, saying ‘NGL but you do look a little too fat best friend’.

Examples of NGL

Example 1

Garry: Just check out the picture I uploaded on Instagram. Don’t I just look dapper?
John: Wait let me see. Haven’t checked Instagram in ages.
(John checks Instagram)
John: NGL…
Garry: (Sends the proud smiley with sunglasses)
John: But you look like crap!
Garry: You are the suckiest best friend I could ever get!
John: LOL!

Example 2

Dan puts up a picture with his grandmother eating ice cream on Facebook. His friends comment under the picture.
Fiz: OMG your granny is the cutest!
Helen: NGL she is the cutest oldy I have ever seen!
Tee: NGL but Dan this is the best picture I have seen today.

Example 3

Faryal: Do you think I should wear pink or black? I think I look better in black.
Hina: Can I say no and no?
Faryal: What do you mean?
Hina: NGL, but both the colors are not appropriate for today’s event.Why don’t you go for a white?
Faryal: I don’t have any whites.
Hina: Come over to my place. I have the perfect white dress for you.
Faryal: You be the best !
Hina: NGL again, but yes I am=p

Example 4

You are a member of a discussion forum on Facebook.And the topic under discussion for today on that forum is wastage of water. If you feel that what someone just said did not make sense to you or seemed irrelevant to the discussion thread, you can message them saying ‘NGL, but what you said did not make sense to me.’ or, if you agree with someone and if they said something relevant to what you were about to say, you can write ‘NGL but I was just about to say the same thing. Water needs to saved and if we don’t act now, we are going to run out of water in the years to come.’

Example 5

Tee: What’s the plan for the weekend?
O.M: NGL but there is NO plan.
Tee: I am going to sleep the whole weekend.
O.M:I still don’t know if I am even getting a weekend.
Tee: I feel you bro, I feel you.

Example 6

Fiz: Dad, I think I am going to skip college this year and work instead.
Dad: NGL but if that saves me a few dollars then I wouldn’t mind that darling daughter.
Fiz: Dad! I was joking! I thought you would stop me and tell me how important education is.
Dad:Caught ya! I was joking too. You think I don’t know how serious my daughter is about her career?
Fiz: Auw! Love you dad!
Dad:Love you too!

Example 6

Group Chat

D: Who is going to buy me food tonight?
H: I need something to eat too.
T: No body?
Y: NGL but I was going to say the same!
H: But still buy me food! -_-
H: is she buying us food?
I: NGL but if I was rich in monetary terms, I would.
D: Why did I even message here!

Example 7

Status update:

“Just went to the new mall next to my area, and NGL but it is so over hyped.If you are planning to visit. trust me and don’t go. I mean, who would pay a ticket of $20 to enter a mall? People should really change their business tactics of looting innocent citizens. I am so not going there again. Wasted my time and money.”


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