What Does KMSL Stand For?

KMSL stands for ‘Killing Myself Laughing. It is mostly used when texting or interacting on social media forums. You can use KMSL when you find something extremely funny and cannot control your laughter because what someone just said was hilarious for you.

Just like the acronym ‘LOL’, KMSL can also be used to show your expression when you find something super funny, even though you are not laughing literally. LOL.

KMSL is not a very popular acronym on social media for now. But eventually, just like other internet jargons, it will be used more commonly.

How can KMSL be used?

I am sure you know that not everything that you read makes you LOL. Similarly, not everything you read or hear makes you KSML. For instance,you read something from a friend that makes you laugh. Even if it’s just a slight giggle. You might just reply to them with a single text saying , KMSL. Yes, that is it, and this would make the other person understand that it made you laugh.

Sometimes, you can even use KMSL sarcastically. For example, when a friend of yours says something super lame, and you don’t know how else to react, you respond with a KSML. Here, KSML isn’t exactly representing that you laughed because of their lameness, but, that what they said was so lame, that it was killing them.

Let’s take a look at a few examples which will help you understand how you can use KMSL in your conversations accurately. And trust me when I say this, using acronyms incorrectly puts you in a very awkward situation.

Examples using KMSL

Example 1

Situation: One of your girlfriends just messaged in the group chat something extremely insane. Like a Cat meme that fits your current situation perfectly. To this, you would reply,

You: KMSL!!!!

Writing KMSL as a reply to a joke that was funny is sufficient for the other person to understand that what they said made you laugh. Purpose served.

Here are other ways where you can use the acronym KMSL to express your response.

Example 2

Jay: Suggest me a good movie, I am bored.

Ben: Watch the Baywatch. I was KMSL while watching it. My friends were like what is wrong with you.

In the example above, KMSL has been used along with a phrase. You can use a phrase just like it has been used in this example to add meaning to your response.

Example 3

Situation: You are in the middle of a group study with your friends. You are super tired and worked up. One of the group member starts acting goofy to make everyone smile. Here, if you say KMSL, it would be in a sarcastic tone because you are not finding the goofy man goofy enough to make you laugh.

Why Killing Myself Laughing is Not Abbreviated as KML?

Even when I read KMSL, I assumed that it was an abbreviation for four words and not three. The word ‘myself’ here, has been used as two separate words ‘my’ and ‘self’. This is why people usually don’t write KML (which should have been the original form) but instead write, KMSL.

However, if you want, you can use KML as a short abbreviation for Killing Myself Laughing. That is something that I would do, but then again, what is trending is KMSL. So to be a part of the crowd, I think you should go for KMSL and not KML, even though they both literally mean the same thing.

But, it isn’t just about what’s trending, but what the abbreviation you would want to use actually means. Turns out that KML could not only have the meaning we here have interpreted, that is, Killing Myself Laughing. According to research, KML has another meaning, that is, Kill My Life. Just how you use FML in context to your current life scenario, which stand for F*** My Life, you can also use KML as an alternative to FML.

What Else Could be Used Instead of KMSL?

Simply, to kill the confusion of KMSL and KML, you can go for the following alternative abbreviations to express your current mood after reading or seeing something hilarious.

  • If you have a friend who is tagging you super hilarious memes, you can message them:

‘STOP! I am literally ROFL!!!’’

Here, ROFL, is an alternate acronym that can be used instead of KMSL. It stands for ‘Rolling on the Floor Laughing’.

  • Using the same situation that I have mentioned in the first bullet point, let’s say that you have to message your friend on the memes that she has just sent you. So you’d say:

“LMAO! Can you stop sending these memes! I am in class.”

Here, the acronym LMAO has been used instead of KMSL, which stands for ‘Laughing My Ass Off’. And this one is also one of my favourites as I used it a lot back when I was in school.


Habiba Rehman

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