What Does IMR Stand For?

IMR stand for ‘I mean,really’. This acronym is popularly used on the internet, on all social media forums as well as text messaging. Teenagers and young adults are common users of this acronym who use it as an expression similar to ‘are you serious’ or ‘are they serious’.

Where to use imr?

People use it all the time when they have to ask someone if they really mean what they just said or did they actually do the action that you just witnessed. More than an expression, it is a statement that you make when you don’t believe what someone just did or said.

Sometimes, the acronym imr is also used to express your own emotion for example ‘imr, what did they think of me?’. When you use it for yourself, it is mostly in the context, ‘how could she’  or ‘how could they’. Just how you would say the word ‘really’ when talking about something sarcastically, for instance, ‘really? Like she didn’t see me standing next to him’.

Should Be written in Upper Case or Lower Case?

It is an acronym, and not any acronym, it is an internet ‘slang’. There are no rules at all for internet jargons. You can be as creative as you want to be with them. Write it all in upper case, like IMR. Or, write it all in lower case, like imr. You can even write the first alphabet in capitals, for instance, Imr. None of these styles of writing the acronym imr would change what it stands for. That is, ‘I mean, really’.

Examples for IMR

Example 1

You put up a status on Facebook when you nearly got hit by a car which broke the signal while it was still at red.

‘How can people just break traffic rules?imr! I was this close to an accident today because one guy could not follow the traffic rules. PEOPLE! Please, rules are made to be followed, not ‘broken’.So pissed.’’

Example 2

H: Do think I was the wrong one in our argument?
G: No, but you weren’t right either. IMR, how could you use our friendship for a baseless argument like that.
H: I can’t believe you just said that. Really,how could you.

Example 3

Tee: Did you notice what she said in the morning?
Linda: Yes, I did, and I am so proud of you the way you responded.
Tee: imr, what was she thinking? That she would try to poke her nose in my business and I would blast it out on my friends?
Linda: That was the reason why she did not say it in front of the rest of the gang.

Example 4

Someone on the internet wrote something very mean about a girl. The girl was being bullied and there weren’t much people supporting her stance. So this is what you could have written using the acronym IMR.
‘Do you think bullying girl like this would make her zip her mouth up just because you are elder to her? Imr are you denial that the kids of today actually can speak up for themselves against any sort of racism? Don’t take the gift of freedom of speech for granted. Stop misusing it and stop making our society feel ashamed because of your stupid acts.’

Example 5

Yuan: I cannot believe you did not wish me on my birthday.imr.
Tes: I am so sorry! I was so occupied with my work. My boss did not even let me go home before I finished my work.
Yuan: imr, is that your explanation?
Tes: I am saying I am sorry Yuan, you are my best friend, you have to understand my situation.
Tes: imr?!?!
Yuan: Sucks to be your best friend!
Tes: I love you !!!!
Yuan: Right now, I don’t!

Example 6

Ian: IMR, who does that? Which kind of friend lets you fail your exam and scores and A on the test.
Tyler: That has probably gotta be me.
Ian: You suck man, imr, how could you? You said you did not prepare for the test.
Tyler: (giggling) I didn’t!!!
Ian: You are lying. Why are you laughing then?
Tyler: Because you are so pissed that I passed the test and you didn’t.
Ian: Really Ian? Imr??
Tyler: Yes, really!

Example 7

Status update:
‘Imr, whoever on my list did not vote for me for the council, do not talk to me. Especially my friends who promised me on my face that they would support me.Stop being two faced. If you didn’t vote, have the guts to say it to my face. Imr, what is with lying and spying game any way?’

So now you know exactly how you can use the acronym IMR in your speech. Dont confuse it with the other meanings of imr which are not popular internet slangs. For instance, IMR also stands for Infant Mortality Rate in education. Know your internet jargons better.


Habiba Rehman

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