What Does IDTS Stand For

IDTS stands for ‘I Don’t Think So’. It is often used in conversations that take place over social networking websites, and even when text messaging. People use it when they do not agree with what someone just said, or know something and as a result reply, IDTS. It can be used as an alternative to no. And, while someone is uncertain, they might as well say IDTS in disagreement to something or when they have to say no but they aren’t certain this time.

Writing IDTS in Upper Case or Lower Case?

As we all already are aware of the fact that internet jargons are part of the social networking culture, and for this, there are no rules at all. You can use the upper case for the complete acronym, use lower case alphabets to write it down or even use both at the same time, it will not change the meaning of the acronym in any way. People usually use upper case for acronyms when they really want to emphasize that word. Otherwise, people usually don’t bother about it. And since texting or typing is usually done at a very fast pace, people often use the acronyms in lower case. So write IDTS, or idts, or iDtS, all of these mean the same, that is ‘I don’t think so’.

Where to Use IDTS?

Say, for example, that somebody has asked you something like ‘doesn’t this dress look awesome?’, to which, you reply, ‘IDTS’. Similarly, you can use the internet jargon IDTS when you don’t agree with someone on a certain discussion or opinion.

Other places where you can use IDTS is when you are not sure about the answer, and reply with an ‘IDTS’. For instance, you were asked by a friend, ‘The paper was so tough, I think I am going to fail, do you think so?’, to which, you can reply, ‘IDTS, because I actually did all the questions and it was pretty easy.’

There is not much difference in the way the two examples have used IDTS but it gives you an idea of how you can use the internet slang IDTS accurately without making people confused as to what did you just say.

Other Acronyms Like IDTS

IDTS is like saying IDK, which stands for I Don’t Know. You often use IDK in your speech as well as written or virtual conversations, when you are not sure about the questions to answer that you have been asked. So instead, you reply with an IDK, or can synonymously use IDTS. For example, Alex asked you if you were going to the prom, to which, you replied IDK, because you were not sure whether you wanted to go to the prom or not. For the same example, we can switch the word IDK with IDTS, and it would not change the meaning of your answer.

Alex: You going to the prom?
You: IDTS, I am not sure if I really want to go.

Another form of using IDTS, is getting rid of the ‘S’ at the end, and typing IDT, that is, I Don’t Think. For Example, your friend from school, asked you yesterday, if you were interested in coming over for a group study. To which, you replied IDT I can. Adding a phrase along with the acronym to give a reason for why you don’t think the way they are thinking for, this specific topic. Similarly, you can replace the acronym IDT, with IDTS without changing the meaning of your answer, or atleast keeping it on the same lines as the previous one.

Friend: Do you think you could come over for a group study this weekend to my place?
You: IDTS I can, I have to be somewhere else, maybe next weekend?
Friend: Sounds Great!

Another acronym famously used on the internet, somewhat similarly used as the acronym IDTS, is IDC which stands for I don’t care. People use IDC, when they literally mean that they do not care about whatever has been asked, whether it is someone or something. For instance, a friend of yours tells you that ‘you should come to the prom you know, we might not even get this chance to enjoy later’, to which you would reply, ‘IDC, I don’t feel like showing up.’ You can use this same example for IDTS, and replace the acronym IDC, with IDTS, and it would mean almost the same. As I said earlier, you may use it synonymously to IDTS. For example,

Friend: you should come to the prom you know, we might not even get this chance to enjoy later.
You: IDTS, I just don’t feel like showing up to the prom.

I would call this perfectly synonymous. So if you feel like using it in place of IDK, IDC OR IDT, you can, because the meaning of all these acronyms is almost the same.


Habiba Rehman

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