What Does HMU Mean?

HMU stands for ‘Hit Me Up’. It is used as an alternate phrase to say ‘message me’. It is often used when talking to someone through email or on social media forums.

It is a new way of telling someone to get back to you when you either rend a conversation or when you message them and are expecting a response from them.

HMU is also used when texting. People send HMU as a message when they want the other person to contact them whenever they have time.

Another meaning for HMU

Hold My Unicorn, is another meaning for HMU. But as it is not how people use it commonly, HMU is always used with reference to Hit Me Up.

Origin of HMU

Originally, HMU was used as an alternate phrase for ‘someone said something’. Later, the meaning for HMU was changed, and now became a commonly used acronym for ‘Hit Me Up’.

You can use HMU in upper and lower case. The meaning will remain the same, just like other internet slangs. For instance, writing AFAIK or afaik, doesn’t change the meaning of the acronym. It remains ‘As far as I know’ either way.

The only thing that you need to make sure of, when writing the acronym in upper case is , that the whole sentence shouldn’t be capitalized. For instance:


In the above example, if you want to capitalize AFAIK, you should not capitalize the rest of the words in the sentence. Instead, you will write this as:

‘AFAIK it doesn’t compensate for that’

Where to use HMU?

Assume that you are in the middle of a conversation with someone, and they tell you they need to go out and will not be able to talk for a while. Here, you can message them HMU, which means, Hit me up when you are back or get time.

You can even use HMU when you are the first to message someone who is not online, or will not be online for a while. By writing HMU, you are telling them to message you back whenever they read this.

You can also use HMU when talking to friends. In a simple text chat, when you know that your friend is about go out of city and will be back after a week, you can message them HMU. Here, this would mean that you want them to contact you whenever they come back from wherever they are going.

Now let’s look at a few examples for HMU so that the concept of using HMU in a conversation is clear to you.

Examples for HMU

Example 1

Jen: Hey, I am making reservations for dinner tonight. Who is in?

Frank: I am

Jeff: Wait, let me confirm.

Jen: HMU as soon as possible.

Here, you can see the use of HMU to tell you friend to let you know what they decide as soon as possible.

Example 2

Your best friend is away from home. And we always contact our best friends when even a small inconvenience takes place. You had a major fight with your parents which has made you very upset and need to talk to your best friend. In such a situation, you can send your friend an HMU message, which will basically tell them to contact you right away.

Example 3

Situation: You are bored and you need to watch a movie online. But you cannot find a link to your favourite movie. This is a conversation between you and your friend.

Friend: Hey

You: Hi! Urgent! I can’t find a link to our favourite movie.

Friend: I am in office right now.

You: HMU when your home please.

Friend: Sure.

Using HMU can be very easy. You just need to make sure that the whole conversation makes sense when you write HMU, whether it is in the beginning or at the end.

Example 4

You are in a very high post in your workplace and you are given major work responsibilities. Now the people under you like the interns and the rest of the staff, has to report to you for the work. Now in case, one of them delayed their work or has not met the deadline, and you are not able to have a face to face conversation with them because you are a busy woman, you message them ‘HMU in an hour’. This will give them the hint that you need to talk to them urgently. Here, by saying HMU to them once, you won’t have to go and personally meet them. They will contact you now as soon as possible.

‘HMU’ is a popularly used acronym on the internet and can be used pretty much everywhere, where you want someone to contact you. Whether it is a friend, a colleague or an employee.


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