What Does FW Stand For?

Fw is a short hand for the word ‘forward’. People use the acronym when they want someone to ‘forward’ them a picture, a file or a document. Everybody uses this acronym.People usually us the acronym in a text or a chat on social networking websites.

It is also used in professional environments. If you have ever used an email account, you would notice the acronym in the subject space when you forward an email from A to  B.
You can also use it both, casually with your friends, and professionally within your work circle. It is acceptable in both settings. However, it is suggested that you use acronyms only in more casual settings, for instance, with your friends.You ‘can’ use it when messaging coworkers, but that is my opinion. You can be a better judge of your relation with the recipient. The more formal relation, the lesser use of acronyms.

Upper or lower case?

From what the usual trends show, fw is often written with the F always capital. But since its an acronym, proper punctuation or grammar, does not really matter in slang. So whether you write fw, Fw, or FW, the acronym will be understood and will be acceptable by everyone.

How To Use ‘Fw’?

Fw is short for forward so it is always used when someone needs to forward something to you. It could be an email, an attachment, a presentation, it could be anything at all. If someone has a bunch of pictures you need, you can also ask them to fw those pictures to you whenever they get a chance. Read the following examples to understand how you can use fw in your texts and on social media.

Examples of FW

Example 1

H: hey
G: hi whats up?
H: nothing was just doing an assignment. Couldn’t solve the last question so had asked Z to send me the working.
G: math? same here, stuck at the last one. Can you fw me what he sent you?
H: sure, give me a minute.
G: has he sent you pictures of the other questions?
H: No he hasn’t.
G: can you ask him? And fw me those?
H: sure.

Example 2

Teacher: Students, I need to fw all your class work to the dean. Please email me everything by 12 p.m. sharp or your assignments will not be accepted.

Example 3

Jen: Robert can you fw me the file boss sent to you on my gmail? I am logged out of my microsoft account and have forgotten my password =/
Robert: sure, will send it as soon as I reach home. I’m out right now.
Jen: oh ohkay, thanks though!
Robert: no problem!!

Example 4

Tes: you didn’t fw me the pictures Jane sent.
Haifa: I am so sorry! It completely slipped my mind. Will fw in a bit.
Tes: I better not remind you again.
Haifa: okay you won’t be needing to ^_^

Example 5

Faryal: give me your mom’s number.
Tania: why?
Faryal: she told me to fw her a recipe for pasta that my mom makes. Need to fw her that.
Tania: send it to me, I’ll give it to her.
Faryal: thanks.

Example 6

Boss: Ryan please fw me the schedule for tomorrow.
Ryan: Sir you just have one meeting for tomorrow.
Boss: hm okay, fw me the schedule anyway, I like things organized and in written form.
Ryan: sure sir.

Example 7

Palwashay: my phone got stuck and I lost all my videos and pictures.Including the lecture for today.
Dan: That sucks! Did you need anything from the videos?
Palwashay: not really, but I needed the lecture for my test and now I have no backup.
Dan: wait, I’ll ask someone from class to send it to me. As soon as they send, I’ll fw it to you.
Palwashay: you are such a life saver!!! Thank you!!!
Dan: that’s what friends are for 😊

Example 8

Wife: Honey, I lost the hard copy of the tickets.
Husband: don’t worry, I have it saved in my email. Check yours in an hour. I’ll fw you the tickets.
(after an hour)
Wife: I haven’t received any email yet.
Husband: I forgot to fw. Wait. Sorry.
Wife: got it. Love you. See you soon.
Husband: see you soon love.

Other Acronyms Like fw

There are many acronyms like fw that can be used for text messaging and for social networks. For instance, COD, which stands for cash on delivery.

IMO is another acronym which is used when in conversation over the internet. It means ‘in my opinion’.

In my opinion,acronyms should only be used in a casual situation.Using acronyms professionally might give a very laid back attitude of you towards others and your work, directly affecting your chances of professional growth. Avoid it as much as you can when talking to an employer, your boss or a client.


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