What Does DD Mean?

‘DD’ means ‘’Designated Driver’ and is another internet jargon used often by people who love being on social media forums and love texting. DD basically refers to the person who would be driving you or your friend or anyone whom you are talking to at the moment to where ever they want to be. You can even use the acronym DD for yourself if it you driving.

Where is DD Often Used?

It is most commonly used when texting and on social media networks where you could upload a picture of yourself and caption it ‘DD for today’. This would show that you will be the ‘designated driver‘ for today.

How Can You Use DD in Your Conversation?

Assuming that you are in conversation with a friend where you both need to go out for a hangout. So here is how you can use DD and make sense out of it.

Jill: Sam my mother has taken the car. I am home-bound for a week.

Sam: No worries! I’ll be your DD for the week. Only if you buy me free food!

Jill: Life saver! And done!

In this example, your friend could not come to the place because she did not have a car, and you offered her to be her driver for the week, which makes you the designated driver for her. The use of DD here makes perfect sense.

Let’s take a look at more examples for DD and how you can use it when you are on social networks or are texting friends and family.

Examples for Designated Driver

Example 1

Friend 1: Can you pick me up today for school?

Friend 2: I am sorry man! Dad is the DD for today. He will be super pissed if I asked him to make a pitstop.

Friend 1: No problem!

We all know how fathers, or wait, any DD would feel when you tell them that you need to make a small stop or need to pick someone up from a location which is out of the way.

That is one reason why I make sure that my mom is my DD whenever I have to go out.The calm-er the DD, the better.

Example 2

Situation: You, out of all your siblings is the only one who knows how to drive. And since you have holidays from school, you are told by your busy parents to pick your little sister from tuition, every single day. So now, when you are talking to your friends over messages, here is how you use the DD acronym.

You: I am so tired of being the DD!

Friend 1: Who told you to learn driving so soon?

Friend 2: LOL!

Friend 3: It is better to be the DD than to be sitting of the passenger seat.

Being the DD, that is, the Designated Driver, could be a pain at times. Because once you know how to drive, you become the driver of the house automatically. But at the same time, depending on another DD has its drawbacks too.

So what would you prefer? To be the DD or make someone else your DD? I am still confused about my stance on this.

Another meaning for DD

Now while Designated Driver is the most commonly used meaning for DD, and is often used in a context where it always means the Designated Driver. DD could mean something else too. Another meaning for DD, according to the trends seen on social media forums and the texting patterns means ‘Dear Daughter’ or ‘’Darling Daughter’.

Whether you are the daughter or the parents of the daughter, you can use DD in so many ways. Let’s look at some examples.

Example for Dear Daughter or Darling Daughter (DD)

Example 1

It is your parents anniversary. You upload a beautiful family picture, write a heart melting note for them, and end the note with the acronym ‘with love, your DD.’ which basically means ‘with love, your Darling daughter’’

Example 2

You are your parents only child. And now it is time for you to join college. You find a letter in your hand bag which is titled as DD. Here, it could mean either Dear Daughter or Darling Daughter, as your parents are addressing the letter to you.

Example 3

You are messaging your parents from your new number. And here is how the conversation goes.

You: (messaging from a new number) Hello there

Mom: Who is this?

You: Guess!

Mom: ?

You: DD

Mom: Oh darling! You changed your number? Why?

Now, not every parent knows the trending acronyms these days. But you get the point here of how to use DD accurately which means ‘Dear Daughter’ or ‘Darling Daughter’ in this specific example.

How to Differentiate between the two DDs

You can always recognize the context in which the acronym has been used by reading the phrases attached to it. The whole conversation with other person needs to be read attentively so that you understand the right meaning for the acronym DD.


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