What Does BUMP Stand For?

BUMP stands for ‘Bring Up My Post’. Teenagers and young adults, who are familiar with this acronym use it commonly on social media forums like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. There are quite a number of ways in which the acronym bump is used on the internet.

The purpose of writing ‘bump’ during a discussion on a thread or any other forum, means that you want the person to go back to the beginning of the conversation, or ‘bring up my post’ which was written by you or someone else as an argument or counterargument to the topic under discussion.

Origin of BUMP

Bump, in general, is also used like a thumbs up, when you appreciate what someone said, or liked the comment that they made. BUMP the acronym gets its roots back from bump the gesture of boosting or motivating.

However, the most popular meaning for the acronym bump is bringing up my post. So when you want people to read something that is probably in the beginning of the post, or thread, you can write bump to get more attention from the readers. You can use the same idea when you are part of a group chat, where you can ‘bump’ your friends to remind them of what you just mentioned. Sometimes people miss out on your message or forget to respond to something that to had asked earlier. Bumping as they call it, or writing bump on the thread could help them remind them that they need to read this or if anyone from the thread could help you resolve the problem that you have written.

Why Write Bump When You Can Rewrite Your Post Again?

The reason why people mostly use the acronym bump instead of writing the whole idea they want others to read again is because , according to me, A. they are super lazy to write it again. B. They want their friends, or people who are part of the discussion to seriously read what was written earlier to give an argument related to the topic and nothing irrelevant. C. Sometimes, when you are part of a friendly conversation, mostly the ones with your ‘squad’, you can tell them to ‘bump’ just as a reminder to what you told them and what needs to be done.

And to be honest, who has the time to rewrite everything that you just explained or something that needs an explanation? Isn’t this is reason why acronyms are designed so that people can save time, and say anything in much less time as texting does take a great part of you hour. I know I would not rewrite something that I have already mentioned a hundred (exaggeration intended) times in one conversation.

Where Should I Not Use BUMP?

Yes, but if I was part of two different threads, and I wanted someone to read what I have written on the other thread, then I would not use BUMP here. I cannot tell someone from website one, to go back to website two, and read what I have said.

Bump should be only written when you want someone to read something written, say for example, on this same page. Or the same thread. The purpose is simply to lead the viewers, or a single person back to the message which was not paid attention to or which was not answered by anyone part of the group.

The Don’ts of Bumping

People BUMP so that their question or their answer gets the limelight. However, there are a number of people on social media who use bumping as a tool to become popular, and to be recognized by others in the thread. Bumping redirects everyone back to their post again and again. This, is what you should NEVER do. This is equal to spamming. And you know exactly where the spam mail goes.

If you bump too often, there is a high possibility that other members of the chat might get annoyed by you if the bump is merely just for popularity purposes. Otherwise, if it is a genuine bump, you can bump often, only and only if the post you are directing everyone towards is important and not irrelevant.

Examples of Bump

Example 1

H: So this has been discussed earlier is it? Or am I in time for this discussion?
G: Please BUMP J. This will help H understand what the topic under discussion is and how far we are to getting a solution.

Example 2

As example 1 shows how to write and use the acronym bump. There are creative minds on the internet who use more creative ways to use a visual representation of the acronym bump instead of writing it down. For instance, people might use GIFs here, like the one with Mario the famous game, where Mario bumps the bricks. This will give an idea to the other readers that this is a bump message.


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