What Does Blocking Someone on Facebook Do

Facebook gives its users a handful of actions that can be taken against people that they don’t want to see on their friend list, or, want all the posts that they make be hidden from this unwanted person on the list. I am sure we all have a few unwanted ‘friends’ on Facebook that we wish to block on Facebook. And I am sure all of you have already learned how to block someone on Facebook from our article (ADD THE NEW ARTICLE ON HOW TO BLOCK SOMEONE)

Now before you take any actions or change the settings for a friend on Facebook, here is some really useful information that you must know about what exactly does blocking someone on Facebook actually do.

What Happens When You Block Your Friend on Facebook

  1. Blocking someone does not ‘delete’ the content that you two have shared, in fact, it gets hidden from the person you have blocked so that they can no longer see any of the comments you made, or shared or even viewed. Because the content is only hidden from the blocked person, everybody is not blocked by you, will still be able to see the comments shared between the two of you and and old posts that you both have in common over the period of time.
  2. Talking about the current posts that you make, obviously will not be visible to the blocked person. You blocking them, will keep them from viewing your profile. You, also, will not be able to find their profile, or be able to post or comment on their Facebook Profile unless you unblock them. Blocking someone also keeps them from viewing what you write on someones wall who is a mutual friend, or a page that is mutually liked by you and them.
  3. You and the blocked person will not find the profiles for each other even if you search for the names on Facebook’s search bar.
  4. And for all those who did not know this, there are settings on Facebook which can be changed to stop people from searching for your Facebook profile from Google or any other search engine in existence. If you have not switched this feature off, and if you have blocked someone on Facebook, they might get lucky in finding your profile through a search engine If you don’t want this to happen, you might want to turn this setting off.
  5. Facebook and Messenger, are related, but, you can also have a Messenger account without really using Facebook. So if you block someone on Facebook, this does not necessarily mean that they will not be able to see you on Messenger. You both will still be viewing old conversation on Messenger, but will not be allowed to start a new conversation.
    Blocking a friend on Facebook will block them from having a conversation with you.

It is as simple as this. Everything that belongs to you, or your profile, including the posts, comments, stories, tags, photos and shares, will NOT be visible to the blocked person. However, if a mutual friend of yours puts up something (say a picture of you and them), then the blocked person will be able to view this picture as it is under the ownership of the mutual friends profile. But, if you comment under this picture, or if the blocked friend comments under the picture, you both will not be able to read the comments, while your mutual friend will be able to view them.

So the choice is yours here. If you want to keep someone literally off your social media life, then blocking is the best option here. Otherwise, you can simply unfriend the people you don’t wish to see on your list and wouldn’t really bother if they see you or your activities on Facebook.


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