What Does AF mean and Where should It Be Used?

‘AF’ is an abbreviation for ‘As F***’, which is an internet jargon used on social media forums and more often during text messaging. It is used to add emphasis on the action or a feeling that you are trying to convey.

For instance, saying ‘bored af’. Here , what you mean is that you are extremely tired and the acronym ‘AF’ represents the intensity or the exaggeration that you want the reader to understand.

You can use the acronym in all capitals, like ‘AF’ or can even write it in lowercase. The meaning for both will remain the same. It is a very commonly used internet slang which is used by each and every young adult or teenager.

And when someone says ‘I am tired AF man’, the other person just gets it instantly that the person saying this is ‘SUPER’ tired.

How to Use ‘AF’ in a sentence?

It is easy to use AF in any sentence. It is an acronym used to show how you are feeling to another level. For instance, you want to tell someone that you are feeling extremely hot in the sun today, so you would say:

‘The sun is hot af’ or ‘I am feeling hot AF today’ or, you can even say ‘It is hot AF today’.

Where is the acronym ‘AF’ used?

Everywhere should be the answer for this. But to be exact, all the social media forums like Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr, and even Instagram, people use ‘AF’ internet slang like a pro!

They even have AF memes which could be shared with your friends and family. You can even hash tag ‘AF’ if you put up a picture or a status on any of the forums to show an exaggerated level of your emotions.

When should you NOT use ’AF’?

We have already discussed the examples of where you can use the acronym AF, but now, let’s look at the places and situations where you should NOT use the internet slang ‘AF’, especially.

‘F***’  is a swearing word,  resultantly, ‘AF ‘ which is just another form of saying ‘F***’ but in a more decent way. You cannot or should not use ‘AF’ in places where the conversation in more professional in nature. For example when talking to your boss, and if he asks you if you are ready for the presentation, you will not reply to him saying ‘ready af’, will you?

In your mind, maybe yes, but verbally, you will not. You will try to maintain a very professional tone and language with your employers.

And it isn’t just the boss with whom you cannot use the acronym ‘AF’. All the people who are not close to you, or don’t fall under the category of friends and family, you cannot use this slang with them.

What could be a replacement for AF in such situations?

Since you can’t use the acronym ‘AF’ with the people I have mentioned above, you can use other words along with the adjective to show what you are feeling. For instance,

Instead of saying ‘I am tired AF’, you can say, ‘ I am very tired’. Both the phrases mean the same and show the same level of tiredness that you are currently feeling.

You can be the better judge of the situation as to whether it will be appropriate to say ‘AF’ here orit would be better to just remain more decent in language.

Let’s compare a few examples of ‘AF’ and how you can alter the wordings of your sentence accordingly.

Example 1

Friend:  Did you watch the Tv show I told you about?

You: No, I stopped two minutes into it. It was boring af.

The level of boring or how boring the show was has been easily elaborated by these simple two lettered acronym, that is, ‘AF’.

Example 2

Friend : Are you home? I am coming over.

You: Just got back from work. Don’t. I am tired AF.

Similarly, how tired you are has been emphasized through ‘AF’ in this sentence. Now your friend would understand how tired you are and that you need to rest.

Example 3

You went out with friends to an exotic location out of town. You enjoyed a lot. So you put up a picture with your friends on the social media forums you are active on. For the caption of such a picture, you can write ‘enjoyed af’. This will show how much you enjoyed your weekend way from home.

Example 4

Situation: You and your boss had a meeting in another city.

Boss: So are you enjoying your visit?

You: Yes, enjoying a lot.

Now since this is a more professional situation for you, you will not say ‘enjoyed af’ here. You will use supporting words like a lot, really, and immensely to show the level of your enjoyment.

Hopefully you loved reading this article ‘AF’ and now understand where to and where not to use this internet slang.


Habiba Rehman

Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.