Using PunchLab: For Measuring your Workout Progress

PunchLab is a mobile application designed for the iOS and Android operating systems. This application is built specifically for the health-conscious people who want to maintain an extremely healthy lifestyle and that too without having the need to spend much on gyms and expensive workout instructors. Moreover, this application is also a great deal for the people who do not find enough time to go to the gyms or do not like it for any reason. However, they are still willing to take time out for workout while staying at home. PunchLab is free to download for Android however, it has a paid version for iOS. In this article, we will talk about the distinct features of PunchLab followed by the benefits of using this application. Moreover, we will also take a look at the pricing plans for the iOS version of this application.

Main Features of PunchLab:

PunchLab application mainly focusses on eight basic features which we will discuss one by one below:

  1. Improve your Style and Technique: PunchLab application is designed to teach you various different styles and techniques so that you can make your workout even more effective. It also teaches you better postures that help you in boosting your stamina and hence strengthening your body to look all the more healthy.
  2. Measure your Progress over Time: This feature of PunchLab is aimed at providing you with reports regarding your workout progress over time. These reports are presented to you in the form of charts and graphs with the help of which you can conveniently analyze how you have evolved over time and which areas need more improvement.
    Measure your Workout Progress using PunchLab
  3. Share with Friends and Coaches: With the help of this amazing feature of PunchLab, you can easily share your workout progress with your friends and coaches. This feature not only helps you in motivating your obese friends to workout rather it also enables you to get expert advice from your workout coaches while staying at home.
  4. Set Goals and Get Rewards: This feature of PunchLab is designed to encourage its users to keep using this beneficial application. By making use of this feature, the users can set goals for their workout. For example, a user can set a goal that he will keep punching his punching bag continuously for 20 minutes today. Upon successful completion of this goal, PunchLab provides the users with certain rewards so that they can stay motivated and also set harder goals for the next time to get an even better reward.
  5. Punch Counter: With the help of this feature of PunchLab, you can count the number of punches and kicks you have thrown at your punching bag.
  6. Punch Meter: This feature of PunchLab measures the force of punches and kicks that is exerted on your punching bag.
  7. Boxing Timer: This feature of PunchLab provides you with a timer for measuring the duration of boxing, kickboxing, MMA, karate, and other martial arts workouts.
    Use the Boxing Timer Feature of PunchLab for Measuring the Duration of your Combat
  8. Combo Audio Workouts: This feature of PunchLab presents you with different audios that teach you combos for boxing, kickboxing, and MMA as you are doing your workout.

In short, the PunchLab application is good for boxing, MMA, karate, and Sambo workouts. It helps you in learning to fight. Moreover, it also teaches you self-defense and trains you for kickboxing.

What are the Benefits of using PunchLab?

Following are the main benefits of using PunchLab:

  • This application gives you training regarding your workouts no matter where you physically are at the moment. All you have to do is to choose your fighting style and your level, put your headset on and get realtime guidance from PunchLab coaches.
  • It gets very easy for the users to follow audio workouts and instructions rather than physically going to a gym to get expert advice.
  • PunchLab also enables you to follow the top-level athletes so that you can also build a competitive level of stamina and boost your energy to the fullest.
  • It also teaches you new combos that are usually very difficult for you to learn on your own.
  • This application helps you in turning your regular punching bag into a device that can detect, measure, and react to your punches.

PunchLab Pricing:

PunchLab offers the following two pricing plans for its iOS version that help you in unlocking its tracking features and premium content. The details of these plans are discussed below:

  • PunchLab Annual Plan- The price of this plan is $49.99 per year.
  • PunchLab Quarterly Plan- PunchLab charges $22.99 for four months for this plan.

Ayesha Sajid

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