Twitter to Stay in the App Store Following Elon’s Meeting With Apple’s CEO

Tim Cook and Elon Musk met at the Apple campus today. He had stated earlier in the week, citing Apple’s alleged censorship, that the company threatened to ban Twitter from the iPhone App Store . He also expressed worry about Apple’s 30% “secret” tax. 

He started tweeting a very different message after the encounter. Musk called it a “nice talk” and claimed Cook made it clear that Apple was not looking to remove Twitter from its service. 

Although Musk may have started off strong a few days ago, it appears that he has cooled down a lot. Musk has already removed at least one of the tweets that made fun of the App Store’s 30% cut. He added that the Apple headquarters were “beautiful.” 

Musk debuted his $8/mo Twitter Blue subscription service only on iOS around a month ago, while criticizing the App Store’s imposed 30% commission on in-app purchases. The option to purchase a confirmed blue tick was soon misused by dishonest and humorous impersonations of famous people, and the initiative has been put on hold ever since. Originally, yesterday was when it was supposed to be relaunched. Since then, the debut date has been postponed once again.

Regardless of what Musk has to say about Twitter’s position in the App Store, Apple has already taken legal action against social media apps that lack proper moderation. Having previously restored the accounts of controversial personalities like former president Donald Trump, Musk has declared that he intends to dramatically reduce the amount of content filtering on the platform. 

Musk probably assured Cook during the conversation that the service would continue to maintain an acceptable level of moderation and standards to prevent violation of laws set by App Store.


Muhammad Zuhair

Passionate about technology and gaming content, Zuhair focuses on analyzing information and then presenting it to the audience.