TSMC Treated US Engineers Like Babies On Their Visit to Taiwanese According to Locals

American engineers deployed to Taiwan for training have begun to return home to manage the factory after the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) stated earlier this week that the groundbreaking ceremony for its Arizona chip manufacturing facility will take place shortly. After the Americans left Taiwan, locals shared their thoughts on social media, with a variety of viewpoints ranging from calling the engineers ‘babies‘ to stating that they will now sell TSMC’s secrets to Intel.

When TSMC’s Arizona fabrication facility was first announced, it was revealed that it will use the cutting-edge 5-nanometer semiconductor manufacturing technique to produce chips. Construction has continued without a hitch since then, and the most recent development saw the firm declare earlier this year that a groundbreaking ceremony would be performed in December this year as the first machinery have begun to arrive at the factory.

The remarks left on the website PTT by users are, to put it mildly, less than favourable now that some of the American engineers working in Taiwan have begun to depart. They vary from expressing displeasure that American pay are greater than those in Taiwan to suggesting that TSMC offer each employee a Buddha figure as a free present.

Since arriving on the island, company evaluations of American engineers working for TSMC have also often appeared online. Earlier this year, an unnamed engineer accused the business of having a “military culture.” Aside from feeling that management input was underappreciated, he said that taking vacations was discouraged since they would have an impact on performance assessments, even if the compensation was above the industry norm.

Commenters on PTT said that despite restrictions forbidding smoking within the buildings, their American counterparts continued to do so and that the area “from the dormitory to the pantry is full of smoke.” Some people referred to the American engineers as “a group of giant babies.” Others, however, made fun of the fact that “slaves are used to being slaves, and those who demand normal welfare are giant babies in the eyes of slaves.”

TSMC will have begun mass production of cutting-edge 3-nanometer technology a year before the next generation 2-nanometer technology begins production in 2025, when the Arizona fab is expected to go live. Although it is unclear whether the U.S. facility will adopt these technologies, it is more likely than not going to do so given that many of TSMC’s biggest clients are situated here.


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