How to Fix Transparent or Inverted Colors in MS Word?

You might straight-up start seeing your Office applications having their colors inverted. Especially the whole layout and the text of the application. No need to worry; this is just one of the new features of MS Office and you can easily disable this option.

How to Fix the Transparent or Inverted Colors in MS Word

MS Word just went through an update and Microsoft has gifted its users with the capability of the Dark Mode. All tech companies are trying their best to natively support dark mode on their apps. This is because the Dark Mode is very efficient in managing battery, display, and easy on the human eyes.

Disable/Enable the Dark Mode of An MS Word Document

Simply follow these steps to revert to light mode i.e. disable the dark mode. All the functionality will remain the same and just the color scheme of the application will be changed.

  1. Launch a Word document or create a new one.
  2. Now head to the View tab and click on Switch Mode. If the mode is dark, it will become light, and if it is already light, it will become dark.
    Switch MS Word to Dark Mode

Disable the Dark Mode of MS Word Across All Documents

The above method may suffice for a few documents but what if you want to disable the Dark Mode across all the documents? The above method would be quite troublesome. In such a case, you can follow the undermentioned steps to easily disable the Dark Mode across all your Word documents:

  1. Launch a Word document or create a new one.
  2. Now, on the Ribbon, head to the File Tab, and in the left half of the window, click on More.
  3. Then, in the mini-menu shown, select Options, and in the right pane of the resulting window, locate the Office Theme option in the Personalize Your Copy of Microsoft Office section.
    Open MS Word Options in the File Menu
  4. Now, in front of the Office Theme dropdown, click on the checkbox of Disable Dark Mode.
    Disable Dark Mode of MS Word for All Documents in MS Word Options
  5. This will propagate to all existing documents in your computer and the setting will be global.

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