The Most Informative Website for Periodic Tables for Students

For all the students or even professors who want to keep a good source for the Periodic Table in hand, and through a technology forum, might want to check this really cool website out, which is going to be a source for ease for all of those who are studying chemistry, or are teaching chemistry.

Each element of the periodic table is given the much-needed attention and is graphically designed in a very intelligent manner which would help the users, understand each element and also learn so much more about it through the different features of this Periodic Table.

After looking at the website myself, I wish this was there when I was studying this chapter back in school. Life really would have been so much easier.

Check out the amazing features of this Dynamic Periodic Table:

This is the great periodic table that we all have probably been hoping for. If you scroll down on this screen, you will see the extended part of the table as we see on the chart that is usually hung on one of our classroom walls.
  1. Now when we see a periodic table hung on one of the classroom walls, we usually just see the table as in the previous image. Just simple squares with initials, names, and numbers. This is what makes that periodic table (the one on classroom walls) and this periodic table, which is accessible at any time, the added details which could increase our knowledge. Look at the image below. Bringing the cursor on top of one of the elements shown you a larger view of the elements. And when you want to learn more about a specific element, you click on it and see the details as shown below in the form of an extended window that opens on your screen.
    I simply brought my cursor over the box for platinum, and I could see a larger picture of the box on the top, as shown by the arrow.
    When I clicked on the box for Platinum, this extended window appeared, which had more information about the element that I had just clicked on. You can click on any of the elements on the periodic table to learn more about them.
  2. This is not all to this dynamic periodic table. Notice the tabs in the center of the table which says metals and nonmetals. You can click on these tabs which will highlight the elements from the table in that specific color which will show only elements related to that specific tab. Look at the image below to understand this better.
    I clicked on the tab for ‘Other Nonmetals’ under the heading nonmetals, and all the elements falling in this category were highlighted with the color green, as shown in this image. This has to be one of the most interesting ways to learn that I have ever come across.
  3. Adjust the boiling temperatures from the scrolling option as shown in the image below. And the periodic table will highlight elements accordingly.
    You can check this feature out on the website to see how this works.


Learning does not have to be a boring experience. Learning can be fun, if we, who are teaching something make it more attractive for the students. This dynamic periodic table is a great way to make students fall in love with periodic tables while they learn so much about each element through the features as discussed already.

You can also download the periodic table in its Periodic format or Jpeg format to have it saved on your phone or on your laptop.


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