Fix: “Error Code: 2 Login Failed” on The Cycle Frontier

A significant number of players have recently reported that they have been unable to successfully log in to their accounts while attempting to do so and have received the Cycle Frontier error code 2. When they try to enter the game, they see a notice on the screen that says there has been a problem with the network.

how to fix The Cycle Frontier error code 2 Login failed

This issue appears when they are trying to access the game. They are unable to log in and play the game, and the only option they have is to leave the game altogether. If you have the same problem, this article will help you fix it. 

As a result of the significant number of impact players who have reported that they are unable to play the game, we have made the decision to do additional research into this issue in order to determine the root of the problem. The following is a condensed list of all of the potential causes:

  • Server issues – As it turns out, this issue is frequently reported anytime there is an ongoing server issue affecting servers or the platform that the game is launched from. This is because the issue might affect both the game itself and the servers. In this particular scenario, the only thing you can do is to research the problem and wait for the developers who are responsible to fix the server problem.
  • Your account has been prohibited – According to the developers who worked on this, the overwhelming majority of the time when this error occurs, it is because your account has been banned. This could be happening as a result of you cheating and other players reporting you, but it could also be happening as a result of the ban system automatically flagging and banning you. Both scenarios are possible. You have no choice but to join the official The Cycle Frontier Discord server and inquire with the server moderators as to whether or not you have been banned. Talk to them about the different choices you have in a situation like that and see what they think.
  • Corrupted files –  Another factor that could be causing this issue is the presence of corrupted files on your computer, which have a variety of effects on how the game is played. The Cycle Frontier error code 2 is only one of the many different types of errors that might occur as a result of damaged files. This is occurring as a result of a false positive, an interrupted update, or for one of several other possible reasons. To resolve this issue, all you need to do is run a check on the files using the Steam application to ensure that they are in good shape. If errors are identified in the files during this check, they will be fixed as well.
  • Drivers for Nvidia that are out of date – The Cycle Frontier error code 2 could possibly be caused by some pending Nvidia upgrades that you have neglected to apply. This may occur due to the fact that the game will not function as it should if the most recent update is not installed on the system. Use the Nvidia GeForce Experience application to check for available updates, and then install those updates on your system if they are found. This issue can be resolved by following these steps.

Now that you are aware of all of the factors that could be contributing to this issue, the following is a rundown of the solutions that you should use in order to resolve it:

1. Check if there are server problems

Before you go straight to the potential fixes that will help you fix this issue, you should first consider that The Cycle Frontier error code 2 could be caused by an ongoing server outage.

This error might appear when the server is going through some problems that are making it unplayable, or when the server is going through a scheduled maintenance period where the devs are repairing in-game or server problems.

You should take a few moments to check or disprove the applicability of a case like this before you dismiss it as irrelevant. If you keep getting this error code whenever you try to log in to The Cycle Frontier game, this is a very likely explanation for the problem.

The only place that you can check the server status is the official Twitter page dedicated to this game. When you access this page, look through it to see if the devs have made any new posts or announcements about ongoing server problems or scheduled maintenance.

Checking the official Cycle Frontier Twitter page

In case you see a post that shows you this, read the description and the comments as well to see what are other people recommending.

If you didn’t find anything and you are sure that the server is not the problem for this issue, check below the next method.

2. Determine if you have been blacklisted

When you run into this problem, the second thing you need to do is check and see whether you have been banned on your account. If you have, you need to fix that. A significant number of people are reporting that the vast majority of the time this issue occurs because you have been banned.

You can get banned at random even though you know you haven’t cheated and are positive that you haven’t broken the rules in any way, as long as other users you’ve come across while playing has submitted false claims about you. This is something that you’ve probably experienced. The system for banning users ought to be manual, which means that the support personnel ought to look into the matter before they ban you. But it’s possible that the decision to ban you was made by a computer program or a bot.

It is necessary for you to make contact with a Cycle Frontier moderator who is privy to this information in order to determine whether or not you have been banned. This is something that can be done using the official Discord server that is dedicated to The Cycle Frontier.

After entering this homepage, you will notice a button labeled “Accept invitation.” Click on that icon to enter the server where the game is being played. After familiarizing yourself with the server’s rules and confirming that you accept them, you will be granted access to the full functionality of the platform. You need to find a game administrator right now and inquire with him about whether or not you have been kicked out of the game.

If you have been banned from the forum, you need to contact the moderator as soon as possible to discuss your options. If you have been permanently banned from the site, you should investigate the possibility of creating a new account. However, if you feel that you were wrongfully banned from the site, you should talk to a moderator about regaining access to your account.

In the event that the moderator lets you know that you have not been banned, you need to inquire about his recommendations.

If after attempting this, the Cycle Frontier error code 2 continues to be displayed, proceed to the next solution.

3. Verify the game files’ integrity via Steam

The third thing you may attempt is to verify that all of the game files are complete and correct. Utilizing the Steam client is the way to go about performing this verification. Some players who have encountered this issue in the past are advising you to perform verification in an effort to establish whether or not corrupted files may be detected.

During this procedure, each game file will be analyzed for any signs of damage, and any files that are found to be damaged will be swapped out for those that are in pristine condition. If an inconsistency is found between two versions of the software, the software will immediately replace corrupted files with their uncorrupted equivalents.

In the event that you are unaware of how to perform an integrity check utilizing Steam, the actions that need to be followed are as follows:

  1. First, bring up the Steam client on your computer, and then sign in with the credentials that are connected to your Steam account.
  2. Once you have successfully logged in with your Steam account, navigate to the Library tab and look for a listing titled “The Cycle Frontier.” Next, right-click on the listing that is associated with it, and then choose Properties from the context menu that has just been presented.
  3. To determine the current condition of the file, proceed to the screen of the affected games’ Properties, click on Local Files, and then click on Verify Integrity of Game Cache. This will display the current state of the file.
    Deploying an integrity check
  4. When prompted, select Yes to validate the integrity check, and then wait until the operation is complete before moving forward with the process.
  5. You should restart your computer once the procedure has been finished, even if it does not prompt you to do so automatically. Doing so will ensure that any changes made will take effect.
  6. As soon as your computer has completed booting back up, start The Cycle Frontier through Steam, and check to see if the game loads normally this time around.

If you are still encountering the Cycle Frontier error code 2, continue on to the following and last method that is listed below.

4. Log out of Steam then log back in

Another thing that has helped many affected Cycle Frontier players to fix their error code 2 is to log out of Steam, then log back in. Even if we don’t really know how that helps the game, it has turned out to be efficient in many cases.

This can be done from the Steam application and is a process that doesn’t take a lot of time, on the contrary, it is a very simple and fast process that can be done in a few minutes.

All you have to do is to open the Steam application and click on the Steam button located on the left side of the screen. After that, click on Change Account, then click on the LOGOUT button to log out of your Steam account.

Logging out of your Steam account

Once you’ve done that, you need to log back into your account and wait until the process is complete. After that, go to the library and search for The Cycle Frontier, then make sure to launch the game directly from there.

Now make sure that the problem is not appearing anymore. In case the error is still visible even after doing this, the last thing you can try is to check the method below.

5. Update NVIDIA drivers (if applicable)

Players have reported success in fixing the Cycle Frontier error code 2 by updating their NVIDIA drivers via the official program. This technique, while not the only one, has shown to be the most effective. This is a straightforward procedure that has shown to be effective for a lot of different players.

Note: Before you continue with the approach, you should be aware that you will not be able to utilize this method if you are not working with a GPU manufactured by NVIDIA and if the GeForce Experience application is not already pre-installed on your computer. Players who have NVIDIA hardware are the only ones who can access this feature.

To carry out this procedure, all that is required of you is to launch the GeForce Experience application and check whether or not your GPU is compatible with any newly released upgrades. In the event that you discover that new updates are available, ensure that you download and install them as soon as possible.

In the event that you are unsure about how to proceed, the actions that need to be taken are as follows:

  1. Launching the Nvidia GeForce Experience application is the first step in getting started with your new graphics card. In the event that the application is not already installed on your own computer, you will need to ensure that you download and install it from the NVIDIA website.
  2. Following the opening of the GeForce Experience application, you will need to navigate to the section labeled Drivers.
    Selecting the Drivers section inside the GeForce Experience application
  3. If there are more recent updates available, you should then be able to see a button labeled Install once you have completed the previous step. In such a case, select the option that says Check for updates to see if any new information has been added. Be sure to put the updates on your device as soon as you see them.
  4. Even if the installation does not specifically ask you to restart your computer after the updates have been installed, we strongly suggest that you do so nonetheless.
  5. As soon as the personal computer restarts, you need to check to see if the Cycle Frontier error code 2 is still present.

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