The 5 Best Free Calendar Apps for Windows

All of us know about the importance of Calendars in our life. They help us in keeping a track of our daily routine and also enable us to stay organized and punctual. However, since every other thing is digitized these days therefore, there rarely exist the people who make use of the paper-based calendars now. Everyone prefers to keep a calendar app with them for easier accessibility. That is why we have jotted down a list of 5 Best Calendar Apps for Windows in order to save you from the hassle of looking for a good calendar app for yourself.

1. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a very helpful free calendar application designed by Google which is full of exciting tools and features. This software allows you to have multiple calendars at a time for managing different schedules. The Suggested Times feature of this application enables you to schedule your official or unofficial meetings. Google Calendar also lets you add the event details along with its date and time. However, some people consider this feature as a threat to their privacy. Therefore, to facilitate such users, this application also allows you to hide your event details by making them Private.

Google Calendar

The Add Attachments feature of Google Calendar helps you in adding different images or documents to your events. If you want to schedule meetings with someone who lives in a different time zone as yours, then you can make use of the World Clock feature of this app in order to find an appropriate time for the meeting. The Working Hours feature of this calendar app is there to facilitate you in informing others about your regular working or availability hours. You can even add Meeting Location along with the time in order to notify your friends or colleagues about where to meet.

You can enable the Desktop Notifications of Google Calendar whenever you want to receive notifications about any important events. You can arrange Appointment Slots for taking interviews or conducting meetings etc. You can fully customize the layout of your Google Calendar. You can use various keyboard shortcuts for accessing the most commonly used functions of this application. You can even synchronize this calendar with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Moreover, you can also Share your Google Calendar with other people.

2. Mail and Calendar

Mail and Calendar is the default mailing and calendar app designed for Windows 10 by Microsoft. This application allows you to manage multiple calendars at a time. You can Add Events to your calendars for keeping reminders. You can even print your whole schedule by making use of the Print Calendar feature. Mail and Calendar support multiple different accounts. Because of the email integration of this application, you can even email your calendars to someone.

Mail and Calendar

The biggest advantage of Mail and Calendar is that it is a very lightweight application. It supports all the famous emailing applications such as Gmail,, Yahoo, etc. Last but not least, since the Mail and Calendar app comes default with Windows 10, therefore, you do not need to download or install it separately. Moreover, this application is absolutely free to use.

3. Lightning Calendar

Lightning Calendar is a free calendar utility designed by Mozilla. Like all other good calendar applications, Lightning Calendar also allows you to have multiple calendars. It easily integrates with Thunderbird. You can create different events and then invite your friends to them. You can conveniently create your To-Do Lists with the help of Lightning Calendar. You can also subscribe to other Public Calendars.

Lightning Calendar

You can easily organize and manage your schedules by making use of this calendar app. You can Share your calendar with various people. The Track Attendance feature of this application enables you to keep a track of the presence of the people with whom you have shared your calendar. Moreover, this application also allows you to Change your Calendar Preferences so that you can easily customize it right according to your own needs.

4. OneCalendar

OneCalendar is another powerful calendar application that enables you to integrate your calendars from various other resources on one single platform in order to view them all together. The Quick Filtering feature of this application helps you in searching for the most relevant information by making use of different colors. You can even view and manage your appointments without an Internet connection with the help of Work Offline feature of OneCalendar.


You can create multiple events and then invite different people to them through OneCalendar. This calendar application even supports Facebook Notifications. Although OneCalendar already has a very friendly user interface, however, you can still customize it to suit your needs. The most helpful feature of OneCalendar is that it supports multiple different languages including English, Chinese, Hindi, etc. OneCalendar offers all of these wonderful features for free. However, you can also enjoy some additional benefits by getting the Premium version of OneCalendar which costs $4.99.

5. Hope Calendar

Hope Calendar is a simple and easy to use calendar app designed for the Windows operating system. It is compatible with calendars form various other sources such as Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365 etc. You can easily create and manage your events and appointments with the help of Hope Calendar. It enables you to view your appointments in the form of Large Live Tiles. You can conveniently get the images of your most prominent days with the help of Hope Calendar.

Hope Calendar

The Heat Map feature of this software allows you to view your busiest days marked on your calendar with a single glance. The most helpful feature of Hope Calendar is that you do not need to set it up or do any special configurations because it uses your existing calendars and their default settings. However, it gives you full liberty of changing these settings any time you want. As far as the security aspects of this application are concerned, then there is a good news for the users as their personal data never goes to the Hope Calendar Servers. Hope Calendar offers all these amazing services for free however, its Pro version costs $2.49.


Ayesha Sajid

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