The 5 Best Check Writing Softwares to Use in 2020

Don’t you hate it when you have to wait for days on to have your checks delivered to you by your bank? Well, thanks to the check printing software you can now efficiently print your own checks. Which will come as good news primarily to the people with multiple account numbers because they know the discomfort of tracking and managing checkbooks from different banks. Writing your own checks is also an excellent way to save time and money.

Although the growth of cloud accounting services has in a way undermined the use of the check writing software, I would still recommend them to anybody especially since they offer a more secure solution. Yes, since they are located on your PC, they are more unlikely to be accessed by malicious people who are after your financial data.

These check writers will also enable you to create checks that are more specific to your brand by adding the variously available logos and signature images. Additionally, they afford you some extra features such as deposit slip printing, bookkeeping, and other accounting functions.

So which exactly are the best check writing software to use. This is what we will be looking at in this post. Together with the various features that make them the ideal choice. Right on to it.

1. Versacheck X1 Silver

Versacheck is a great check printing software that allows you to get a little creative. If you don’t like your bank’s check design you can create personal checks featuring a design that’s more to your taste. It also comes with over 300 predesigned checks that you can make minor tweaks and use.


Versacheck have gone a step higher in protecting their users through the introduction of the DNA secure checks. It’s a feature that allows you to engrave security patterns on your checks so that they are unique to you. This feature will also see you get notified when there is some suspicious activity in your checking account. And it does not stop there. Versacheck also includes INKcrypt technology that enables you to make biological ink markers on your check as a means of preventing fraud.

The retail version of the software comes with special versa papers that you can use to print your checks but you still have the option to use any other type of paper.

Something else you will love is how easy it is to create a check using this software. Just point, click and add the necessary information. Versacheck is compatible with all versions of windows and will work with both inkjet and laser printers.

2. Checksoft Home & Business

Checksoft not only enables you to create your own checks but is also an excellent tool to manage your finances. It’s also compatible with Quicken and Quick books and in its latest version, you will get all the Quickbooks and Quicken updates freely for one year.

Checksoft Home & Business

Checksoft comes with more than 100 check templates you can customize to suit your personal taste and also provides you with over 1000 background images, logos and graphics to spice things up. You have the option to completely fill your checks before printing or create blank checks that you can fill out later. And the best part is that you end up saving about 80% in check paper money.

In regards to financial management, Checksoft allows you to easily create checkings, savings and credit accounts and then tracks all your transactions. You can also download your bank data and Checksoft’s reconciliation wizard will help balance it for you. The scheduler is another highlight feature that allows you to set reminders for your due bills.

Checksoft has a database where you can store the data of your payees, vendors and customers. You can therefore easily access this info when writing checks so that you don’t have to fill out all the details all over again.

3. InstiCheck

Insticheck is an easy to use software that has every feature you will need to write checks. You can open an unlimited number of check accounts and each account comes with a check registry.


Insticheck comes with numerous check formats that you can work on to create custom checks and is also compatible with Quickbooks checks. It is also a great tool for account management and will balance your check accounts every month. This software has a great reporting feature that will give you great insights into your expenses and will also be quite useful when filing your tax returns.

The check writing process is very straightforward with Insticheck as it only involves following a set of prompts. To assign your checks some uniqueness, Insticheck allows you engrave a logo into them. You can also digitally add your signature.

4. EzCheckPrinting

EzCheck is a check writing and printing software that supports both MICR and laser printing. It can be used to fill preprinted checks or also create your own checks. This software allows you to write any type of check including on top, middle, bottom and the traditional 3-per-page formats. It has no limits to the number of accounts you can create and is also compatible with Quickbooks and Quicken.


This software allows you to add logo and signatures so that your checks are unique to you or your brand. You will be glad to know that EzCheck has a free version that provides all the features of the premium version with only one limitation. It adds free trial watermarks to your checks.

This software is quite easy to use and should only take you a few minutes before you are done with your first check. This can be attributed to the WYSIWYG-based editor system which mainly entails of point and click features.

EzCheck also generates financial reports that will be great for keeping track of your transactions. You do not need to be connected to the internet to use this software.

5. Goldenseal Check writing software

Goldenseal is a great check writing software that will be ideal for both personal uses and use in a small business. Not only does this software write checks but is also a full-featured accounting software. It’s a great tool for tracking your expenses, balancing your books and can also be used to write payrolls and paychecks.

Goldenseal Check writing software

Goldenseal is compatible with any printer type that you might have and can be used to print different check formats. It can also be used to print the MICR line at the bottom of your check that will help the banks verify the information on the check digitally.

Goldenseal comes with user manuals to help you quickly master it and boasts of active customer support that you can freely contact if you have any issue. Some of its other accounting features include contract drafting, project and customer billing, inventory tracking, and rental property management.


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The 5 Best Check Writing Softwares to Use in 2020

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