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Teredo Tunnel Adapter: Error Code 10

If you are getting Error Code 10 after following all the steps at Teredo Tunnel Adapter then you can fix it by following the steps in this guide. Go to Start and type cmd right click on cmd at the top of the list and select Run as Administrator. If the User Account Control window appears click on Yes. Type all of these commands (very carefully) one at a time and click on the Enter key on your keyboard after each one has been typed in.You must copy the words exactly as shown here, one letter wrong and they won’t function.

netsh int teredo set state disabled

Leave the Command window open. Click on Start, Control Panel, Device Manager. Click on View and select Show hidden Devices.

Right click on Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface and select Uninstall.

Close the Device Manager and Control Panel. Back to the Command window, type these one at a time and click on the Enter key after each one is typed.

netsh int ipv6 set teredo client

Close the Command window.

Open Device Manager again, right click on Network Adapters and select Scan for harware changes, then click on View and select Show Hidden Devices.

You should now see the Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface entry back in place without the yellow exclamation mark.

Right click on Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface and select Properties, it should show that the device is working correctly in the Device Status box.


  1. Thank you for your advice! It worked though I got the message “…command not found: netsh” like many others here. Also had two “teredos”.

  2. I followed these steps but it doesn’t help, plus I don’t see “Pseudo interface” I only see “Teredo tunneling adaptor” also when I enter “netsh” for the second time I get the message “The following command was not found: Netsh”

  3. I also did not see Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface. I went ahead and uninstalled the Teredo Tunneling Adapter driver, then went back to the cmd window and copied and pasted the commands listed. When I reopened the Device Manager, of course no Teredo Tunneling device was listed under network adapters. So I clicked on “Add Legacy Hardware” and followed the instructions to reinstall the device and its drivers. Voila! This seems to have done the trick. Back in Device Manager under Network Adapters I clicked “view hidden devices” and there it was, without the yellow exclamation point! Right-clicking the device properties indicates that the device is now working properly. But If you don’t ask to “view hidden devices” you won’t find it. If you reinstalled the device by “adding legacy hardware” you might see Teredo Tunneling Adapter (2) or (3) in the normal view. That just means you’ve installed the device two (or more) times. None of these installations will work. You must first uninstall the original, then reinstall it as “legacy hardware”, and don’t forget to ask to “view hidden devices” when searching for it in Device Manager. If you’ve just finished a fresh install, the device should be there without the yellow exclamation point. Any additional installations can then be safely uninstalled.

  4. hi I to do not see teredo tunnelling pseudo-interface no matter what I do I still have the yellow in front of teredo tunnelling adapter #2 of which I have uninstalled and reinstalled with add legacy but no change please help

  5. So, like others the Pseudo interface wasn’t on my system.

    My assumption is the author calls the Teredo with a yellow triangle as a pseudo interface. Its not a separate entity.

    I followed the steps mentioned above and then went to Action>Add legacy hardware. After adding this Teredo, I got 2 of them. #1 and #2. So I right clicked and disabled the one with the yellow triangle. Now the yellow icon changed to a downward pointing black arrow in a white circle. I’m guessing this means disabled.

    Then closed device manager and re-opened it. View > Show Hidden. It again changed into a yellow triangle!! So i disabled it once more and left the just installed legacy Teredo alone to do its job.

    Being a weekend, I wont be able to get my IT staff. Hence I did not try to uninstall the duplicate one. I feel as long as its disabled, its as good as gone.

    The laptop is working properly. Therefore thanks to the author for this write up.

  6. YOU did it! the yellow mark (code10) dissapeared…..) the sound is still not working :/ any other ideas?

  7. Thanks for ur information. an additional info for every one that don’t show mic teredo step “set teredo client”. Try to go “Action” in Device manager. choose add legacy hardware. then choose Next. then choose “Install hardware….(advance)”. choose network adapters. wait a second, then choose microsof (on the left side) and teredo adapater (on the right side), next. then micr teredo adapter already install without yellow marking

  8. Yes, I don’t have the option to run as an administrator. My prompts aren’t exactly like yours.

  9. When i type netsh interface teredo show state it says its offline and the error is “failed to resolve server name”


  10. Hi! I did all the steps several times..all of them..eventually Microsoft Teredo Tunneling was there without yellow thing. but I experienced all the problems I have seen metioned in your commets..try redoing each step u will endup there..thank u..

  11. Thank you so much! Your instructions were precise and easy to understand. I started with installing the Teredo Tunneling Adapter and as soon as i knew it didn’t work i clicked on your code 10. The only hiccup I ran into was there was not a Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface to uninstall, only Teredo Tunneling Adapter #2. I held my breath and went with it and ended up with the same positive results!

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Teredo Tunnel Adapter: Error Code 10

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