AMD Strix Point Monolithic APU Specifications Confirmed, 4xZen5 + 8xZen5C Cores In a Single CCD Alongside a 16 CU RDNA3.5 iGPU

Moore’s Law Is Dead was the first to leak AMD’s upcoming Ryzen 8000 families. In that leak, we saw Strix Point Monolithic and Strix Halo (MCM).

Strix Point is based on a single CCD, similar to Phoenix Point. On the other hand, the Halo configuration uses a multi-chiplet approach. Today, bilibili leaker Golden Pig Upgrade Pack has confirmed the specifications initially revealed by MLID.

Strix Point Monolithic APU

AMD has lifted the core count from 8 cores on Phoenix to 12 cores on Strix. This leads to 4xZen5 and 8xZen5C cores. Both types of cores have SMT enabled, allowing a total of 24 logical cores/threads. The CPU should have a total of 24MB of cache, available to all 12 cores.

Strix Point Monolithic APU Configuration | Bilibili

As for the iGPU, the highest-end Strix Point APU will go up to 8WGPs or 16 Compute Units based on RDNA3.5. All of this is packed inside two CCXs, or a single CCD for a monolithic package.

This is merely a confirmation of what MLID leaked. The TDP is expected to range between 15W and 45W, as such we should see many different SKUs. Similarly, Strix Point will be powered by a 20 TOPS AI Engine and rocks a 128-bit LPDDR5X memory controller.

AMD Strix Point Specifications | MLID

The expected performance lies somewhere near an RTX 3050 Max-Q. That is quite impressive and a significant uplift from the Radeon 780M. As far as the release date is concerned, AMD is expected to launch Strix Point Monolithic sometime around Q2Q3 next year.

Source: bilibili, MLID


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