Step By Step Guide To Setup NETGEAR WN3000RP

The Netgear WN3000RP is one of the most sold and used range extenders by Netgear. If you’ve already got the WN3000RP then proceed with the steps below.

There are two methods this extender can be configured.

Method 1. Connecting using the WPS button (Easy and Quick) takes around 1-2 minutes.

Method 2. Connecting using the web-browser setup guide, will take around 10 mins.

Method 1: Connect using the WPS button

In the figure above take a close look at identifying the WPS button highlighted.

Now since you have identified where the WPS button is on the extender the next step is to identify the WPS button on your router. This button is usually indicated by arrows or a lock symbol. If you are unable to find it, you can ask me in the comments below by mentioning your router’s model number OR by checking your router’s manual.

So now you know where the WPS button is on the router and the extender. Plug the extender into a power socket and turn it on.

Place the extender within the range of the router to which it needs to connect or at an equal distance between your router and the wireless device located outside the range of the router. You can position it later once it is connected as the settings will be saved.


1. Now press the WPS button on the Extender (as shown in the figure above).

2. Within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on your wireless router, gateway or access point.

3. The wireless device should now be connected. Check for the new network appearing on your computer.

The name of the new wireless network broadcasted from the extender will carry your original router’s network name with an _EXT at the end.

The network key to connect to the extender will be the same as your original router’s password.

Method 2: Connect using the Web Setup

To continue with the Web Setup Guide you will need to know your password for your existing router because you will need this to connect the extender to your router.

If you do not know what the password is then you can try to reset the wireless password.

Now since you know what the password is. We can continue with the setup.

  1. Connect the extender to the power socket and turn it on.
  2. Wait 1 minute for the extender to power up itself. After a minute, connect to Netgear_EXT.
    Clicking on the “Net Gear” option
  3. After the extender connects to your PC the PC to Extender LED will light green.
  4. Now to connect Extender to your router open your web browser and go to
  5. You will now see the NETGEAR Genie site with a setup wizard.
  6. You will be walked through the web-based guide to choose your Wi-Fi network that you would like the extender to connect to.
    – Select your network and provide the password to it.
    – Proceed with instructions on the screen to finalize the setup.
  7. Your extender should now be connected to the router.

If you are lost or miss a step, then you can reset your extender to its factory default settings in order to start over.

The reset button is indicated in the figure above “Factory Reset Button

To reset to factory defaults, press and hold the Factory Reset Button using an unfolded paper clip/pin for 10 seconds.

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Step By Step Guide To Setup NETGEAR WN3000RP

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