Step By Step Guide To Resolve Canon B200 Error

Step By Step Guide To Resolve Error B200 on Canon Printers

Canon Printers are known worldwide for their easy troubleshooting. The support code Error B200 is one of the most common errors encountered in the Canon Printers.

The troubleshooting for resolving this error is quite simple. As the Canon printers comes with either 2 or 4+ cartridges, so troubleshooting the Error B200 is different for both the printers.

Troubleshooting 4+ Cartridge Canon Printers

1. Open the top cover of your printer. The cartridge cradle will automatically lift up. Remove all the cartridges from the cradle.

2. Next step is to remove the printhead which can be easily done by lifting the lever which is located just beside the cartridge cradle. After you have lifted the lever, then just gently remove the printhead from the printer.

3. In the third step, reinsert the printhead back into its position in the printer and make sure to lock the lever.

4. Then reinsert all the cartridges into their correct positions in the printer and make sure that there is no open door. By ensuring the closure of doors assures that the printer is ready with the access to the cartridges and printhead.

5. Then physically unplug your printer cord from the electricity board and leave it unplugged for at least 5 or more minutes. This results in cooling down of the printer and the lingering electrical energy is also eliminated.

6. Re-plug the printer.

7. The final step is to start a cleaning cycle or perform an extensive nozzle check. The Error B200 normally doesn’t happen when the printer has a regular access to the printhead.

Troubleshooting 2 Cartridge Canon Printers

1. Turn OFF the printer. The cartridge cradle actually gets stuck in the Error B200 state. However, retuning the printer temporarily let us further rectify the Error B200.

2. Turn the printer ON again.

3. The Error B200 does not exactly indicate the problematic cartridge. Therefore, you should have a rough idea that which cartridge you replaced last. Remove that cartridge gently from the slot.

4. In a 2 cartridge Canon printer, the printer’s printhead is the part of the cartridge. This printer has a limitation that you cannot prevent the Error B200 without replacing the problematic cartridge. Therefore replace the cartridge with an old functioning cartridge or replace it with a new one.

5. Do an extensive nozzle check or a cleaning cycle. After the replacement of the cartridge, this is a critical step to determine whether the desired cartridge is replaced from the printer.

6. If the problem is still unresolved, then replace the other cartridge with a new one or an old functioning cartridge. As this Canon printer works with 2 cartridges, so it is obvious that either of the two cartridges is faulty. Replacing and checking both cartridges one by one should resolve the problem.

7. If the problem still persists after performing all the above steps for troubleshooting both types of Canon printers, then it is recommended to the user to get in touch with the Canon Helpline or a printer technician.

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Step By Step Guide To Resolve Canon B200 Error

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