Steam Deck 2 Rumored to Launch by Q3-Q4 2026: 6-Core CPU, 16 CU iGPU, DDR5-8533 Memory

Rumors indicate that Valve is planning to launch a successor to its Steam Deck handheld by Q3-Q4 2026. The Steam Deck 2 is reported to sport up to 6 CPU cores and 16 Compute Units (iGPU). Likewise, as the original Steam Deck will continue to function as a low-config offering by 2026, expect a significant bump in pricing.

Steam Deck 2 Alleged Specs: 6 Cores, 16 CU iGPU, DDR5-8533 Memory, 900P + 90HZ OLED Curved Display

This rumor is sourced from Chiphell where we see obscure and vague specifications for an unnamed handheld. Connect the dots, and the ‘unnamed’ handheld is almost certainly Valve’s upcoming Steam Deck 2.

Speaking of the specifications, Valve is moving away from a flat-panel design and we’re likely to see a curved OLED display with the Steam Deck 2. The screen is expected to feature a 900P resolution/ 90Hz Refresh Rate based on OLED technology.

Steam Deck 2 Specifications | Chiphell

We are unsure regarding the CPU and GPU architectures so take our speculation with a grain of salt. The Steam Deck 2 will be powered by a 6-core CPU based on either Zen5/Zen6. The APU’s iGPU will pack a 16 CU design, based on RDNA4 or even RDNA5 if we’re lucky.

Pricing & Availability

As for the memory, the post mentions lightning-fast DDR5-8533 RAM for the Steam Deck 2. Again, users should expect a significant increase in the price, based on this leak.

Currently, the Steam Deck can be had for $549 (512GB OLED) and $649 (1TB OLED). We may see the Steam Deck 2 seep into the $700$800 territory, though that remains uncertain. By the time the Steam Deck 2 launches, the original variant will be sold as a low-end handheld solution.

Steam DeckSteam Deck 2
CPU Cores4 Cores (Zen2)6 Cores (Zen5/Zen6?)
iGPU Compute Units8 CUs (RDNA2)16 CUs (RDNA4/5?)
Refresh Rate60Hz/90Hz90Hz

Expect Valve to launch the Steam Deck 2 by Q3Q4 2026 as claimed in this leak. This is a gap of almost 4 and a half years, almost 2.5 years from now, thus all of these specifications are subject to change.

Source: Chiphell


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