How to Fix Error Code 19003 in Star Citizen?

Error code 19003 generally occurs due to login and authentication issues. The issue is on the server side as it indicates the failure to verify login credentials of players. This message results during the character retrieving phase.

Other factors contributing to such an error are server overload, corrupted game files, corrupted local application data, and network connectivity issues.

1. Removing connected devices

The solution has worked for players in solving the problem by removing all connected devices from their RSI accounts. It helps to tackle any security conflict between old devices. It also tackles session management and server-side authentication issues and acts like a soft reset for connected devices.

  • Open your account on the RSI website.
  • Click the accounts option in the top right corner.

  • Select the settings option afterward.

  • After opening accounts > settings, there’s a security tab.

  • Below the Security tab page, navigate to the “Connected devices” section.

  • The list of devices connected to your account will appear.
  • Remove them by pressing the cross button next to each device.
  • Confirm the removal by clicking Yes when asked.

Note: Removing all accounts will result in re-authorizing your device.

2. Copying your account to PTU This solution won’t directly resolve the error but would allow you to play on the PTU client-server environment. Error code 19003 mostly occurs in the live environment.

  • After opening your account on the RSI website, click the accounts option in the top right corner.

  • Select the settings option afterward.

  • After clicking on accounts > settings, there’s a PTU tab.
  • Click the button named Copy account to PTU.

Note: Do read the disclaimer mentioned before doing so.

  • Wait for 10 minutes to receive the confirmation email.
  • Click Yes to proceed. Start the Star Citizen launcher.
  • Select PTU from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Install to the PTU client.
  • Once completed, Launch the Game to start the PTU client.

Note: Anything you earn in PTU does not return to the live environment. You may need to reset your PTU account setting after copying your account.

3. Verify game files

The solution checks for corrupt or missing files. If any file fails to link with the client-server or is missing, Steam will reinstall it to get the game working.

  • Search Steam in the search box.
  • Click Open to start the Steam application.
  • Click on the library option.

  • Find Star Citizen by scrolling through your library.
  • Right-click on it, a context menu will appear.

  • Choose the properties option.
  • A window will appear for you.
  • Select the Installed Files option.
  • Click on the Verify Integrity of Game files option.

  • Steam will start to verify files.

4. Deleting the user folder

This solution can resolve occasional glitches but it does not provide a complete fix to the error. Deleting this folder would create a new one without any glitches from the old one. 

Note: This is a risky solution as it deletes your in-game settings and keybindings. Proceed with caution and save your important files elsewhere.

  • Close Star Citizen Launcher before moving on.
  • Search File Explorer in the search box of Windows.
  • Choose Open to run the file explorer window.

  • Type this command “%localappdata%\StarCitizen\Live” in the address bar.

  • Locate the folder named User in the game’s directory.
  • Right-click on the User folder and choose the delete option.

  • Click Yes to confirm the deletion of the folder.

5. Reset your launcher

Type, CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + R on the launcher window to reset it. It helps in fixing any minor glitches related to the launcher.
If you still face the error message, try submitting your issue at Support RSI.


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