Sony Rumored to be Launching a New PlayStation Handheld: Codenamed Q Lite

The internet is buzzing with rumors that Sony has something new up its sleeve for gamers. According to industry insiders, the tech giant is said to be preparing to launch a new PlayStation hardware before the highly anticipated and much-rumored PlayStation 5 Pro, expected to release in 2024.

The rumor mill was set in motion by none other than Tom Henderson, a well-known industry insider, who claimed during a recent YouTube live stream that Sony is cooking up something big (a new PlayStation hardware). Although Tom didn’t spill the beans on what Sony has in store, fans can’t help but speculate.

Thankfully, another industry expert, Jeff Grubb, offered some insight into what Sony might be up to. According to a recent tweet, Sony is allegedly working on a cloud-based gaming handheld console, similar to the ones Logitech and Razer have introduced to the market. 

While Jeff didn’t reveal any further details about the console, fans were quick to conclude that this could be an advanced version of the famous PlayStation Vita.

However, Tom Henderson via Insider Gaming has finally reported that Sony is working on a brand new PlayStation handheld, putting an end to days of speculation. Codenamed the Q Lite, this upcoming console is the latest piece of Sony hardware designed to work in tandem with the PlayStation 5. 

The report also clarifies that this handheld device is not a cloud-streaming device, contradicting the claims by Jeff Grubb. Instead, it uses Remote Play with the PlayStation 5, a feature that Sony has been actively promoting over the past few weeks.

According to Inside Gaming, the Q Lite boasts adaptive streaming capabilities that allow for resolutions of up to 1080p and 60FPS. However, the device will require a constant internet connection to operate optimally.

Based on early prototypes, the Q Lite is expected to look similar to a PlayStation 5 controller, but with a large 8-inch LCD touchscreen in the center. The console is also equipped with adaptive triggers for haptic feedback and will feature all the necessary buttons and inputs one would expect from a handheld device, such as volume controls, speakers, and an audio input jack.

Furthermore, the report reveals that the Q Lite is currently in its QA phase and is scheduled for release after the Detachable Disc Drive PS5 and before the PlayStation 5 Pro. 

As previously mentioned by industry insider Jeff Grubb, Sony is planning to announce its “second phase of the PS5”, which was in reference to its future game slate. Ironically though, this “second phase” is very much true for Sony’s hardware offerings, with the new detachable disc drive PlayStation 5, Project Nomad (wireless earphones), Project Voyager (wireless headset), and Q Lite (handheld) all scheduled to release within a very short period. It’s understood that the PlayStation 5 Pro is aiming for a holiday 2024 release.

Tom Henderson via Insider Gaming

With all these upcoming rumored hardware releases, it’s clear that Sony is ramping up its gaming offerings. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next PlayStation Showcase, as it’s expected to be a big event. Stay tuned for more updates as we learn more about these exciting developments!

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