SloPro – Slow Motion App for iOS (iPad/iPhone)

Trending right at the top of the iTunes app list – this particular slow motion video app on iTunes has very fast become the top choice for people looking to record amazing videos turned into slow motion quality videos. And what’s best is that this app is absolutely free. Developed by Sand Mountain Studios – it is based in English and is designed for both iPhone and iPad.This app however requires iOS 7.0 or later and can be used on iPhone or iPad or iTouch that supports this operating system. The app contains an in App Upgrade to Pro services for $3.99. And even though the features are exciting by upgrading to the Pro Version of Slo Pro – the free version is also pretty good and offers more or less the same features that are easily useable by a regular person looking to make enigmatic videos and edit them at every step.


Slo Pro allows editing of the video at every stage as opposed to other apps that only allow an overall editing profile. It captures videos at 500 FPS, 1000 FPS and at normal level too. It has a speed – in, speed- out option where it allows the user to edit and advance or reduce speed at any point in the video making process. This allows a more creative look to certain video that may require different viewing speeds at different moments.


The app is rated for use for users 12 and up for the occasional sexual content or drug and alcohol or tobacco reference. There are also subtle points of mild profanity and thus parents may need to excise some caution when allowing their child to download this app. The Slo Pro app is very simple and sophisticated to use even in the free version and allows video capture at normal and editing at different speed measures – slow, very slow, or very fast -very nicely. You can get this app from here


Kevin Arrows

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