Should You Use Your Phone While Charging?

We often hear people warning us not to use our cell phones while they are on charge. However, most of the people these days do not bother to pay attention to this warning and the reason behind that is our excessive use of electronic gadgets, which has made us so much dependent upon them. We are so habitual of using these devices that we cannot even imagine a single day without them. In fact, nowadays, it will not be wrong to say that people do not want to leave their portable devices such as laptops and cell phones even for a second.

It sounds very funny but it is a fact that some people are so addicted to using their cell phones that they even take them along with them in the toilet. This is exactly why people do not even bother to look at the downsides of using cell phones while they are charging. Therefore, in this article, we will try to learn the reasons behind avoiding to use your phones while they are charging and try to conclude if you should really take care of these harms or not.

Some of the sensible people, mostly our elders forbid us to use our cell phones while they are plugged in. However, we as a young generation, fail to realize the reasons behind this. Some of the reasons because of which you should not use your phones while they are charging are stated below:

  1. You charge your phones because you want your battery to support your device. However, when you keep using it while it is on the charge, the energy will be consumed for that usage and because of this, your battery will take a longer time to charge.
  2. Whenever a battery is designed, there is a specific time for it to get fully charged but when you keep using it while it is charging, then it takes more than the specified time to fully charge and because of this reason, your battery begins to swell up and ultimately it wears out.
Your battery can bulge if you are habitual of using your phone while it is charging
  1. Using your phone while it is charging also adds up to the dissipated heat energy that is caused by charging the batteries. Therefore, the temperature of your devices rises up quickly and there is a good chance of your device to start malfunctioning after experiencing a rise in temperature.
  2. It also reduces the charging capacity of your battery, which means that if you are habitual of using your phone while it is on the charge, then gradually your battery time will start deteriorating.
  3. When you use your phone while charging, then this activity also puts an additional burden on your charger and hence it eventually gets ruined.
  4. In the worst-case scenario, because of all the reasons mentioned above, your device can even explode not only causing you a financial loss but it can also pose a serious threat to your life.
Your phone can even explode because of using it while charging.

After reading all the reasons for avoiding phone usage while it is charging, we are in a good position to answer whether you should use your phones while charging or not. Well, if you take good care of your devices such as proper temperature control, using branded batteries and chargers; continuous monitoring of heat dissipation and battery percentage, etc. then you will most likely not face any mishaps. However, as we always say that prevention is better than cure, therefore, you should not risk your life just over a petty little device. You should wait for it to get charged and then use it for as long as you want. After all, it is better late than never.


Habiba Rehman

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