5 Easy Fixes for “Session Search Error” in Palworld [2024]

Key Takeaways
  • Palworld, a popular indie game, has been facing server load problems, particularly the "Session Search Error" when attempting to play multiplayer.
  • The error occurs due to packed servers, bugs, outdated or incorrectly installed updates.
  • Solutions include restarting the game, checking for updates, verifying server status, toggling multiplayer mode, and verifying game files on PC.

Palworld, developed by Pocketpair, was an indie game that received a lot of hype from gamers, thanks to its glaring similarities to Pokémon. While the game may have been a rip-off, that doesn’t mean that it was bad game altogether. The game was wildly popular on launch, and even Pocketpair was surprised at the popularity of the game.

Naturally, when an indie game that offers a multiplayer experience is met with a lot of players on launch is bound to run into a couple of issues. The most probable problem is the server load problems. And that’s what’s being encountered by thousands of Palworld players, particularly the “Session Search Error“. Let’s take a detailed look at this problem below.

What is the “Session Search Error”?

The “Session Search Error” is an error that occurs on the startup screen of Palworld. Although Palworld does have an offline mode, this error occurs when you’re trying to play multiplayer. The error does not allow you to play Palworld in multiplayer mode, which can be quite frustrating.

The “Session Search Error” happens when trying to connect to a multiplayer lobby | Touhoua

Why Does the Session Search Error Occur?

There are several reasons why this could occur:

  1. Packed Servers: The servers are built to handle only a specific amount of players. When too many players are logged on, it can cause a wide range of issues, even preventing new players from logging on. It could be that the servers are even completely filled.
  2. Unexplained Bug: Bugs and glitches can be encountered in any game, and are sometimes a mystery as to why they’re happening.
  3. Outdated Game: The game has pending updates.
  4. Incorrectly Installed Update: If you’ve recently installed an update, it’s possible that it hasn’t installed correctly and has corrupted some files.

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How to Fix Session Search Error in Palworld

Here’s what you need to do to get rid of this annoying error message and get back to collecting Pals:

Solution 1: Restart your game

It’s possible that the game is just glitching when it comes to multiplayer mode. Try to reconnect again, or restart the game and try connecting then.

Solution 2: Check for updates

Make sure that your game is on the latest version and is up-to-date. If it isn’t, install the pending update and try again.

Solution 3: Check Palworld’s servers

It could be that Palworld’s servers are facing some issues. Check out the server status and confirm if the problem is from their end or yours.

Check whether the servers are operational

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Solution 4: Turning off Multiplayer Mode then back on

You can connect to the multiplayer world by switching the Multiplayer option off and on. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Start up Palworld. From the title screen, select Start Game.
    Select “Start Game” | ConCon
  2. From the list of worlds, select the one you’re trying to join. Then click on the Change World Settings option near the bottom-left part of the screen.
    Select the world and then select the “Change World Settings” option | ConCon
  3. Finally, toggle the Multiplayer option from On to Off then On again. Select OK on the bottom and try reconnecting to the multiplayer lobby.
    Toggle the “Multiplayer” option Off and On and try reconnecting | ConCon

Solution 5: Verify game files (PC only)

This process is to check whether the game files are still in their original condition and not corrupted. To verify the integrity of game files of any game on Steam, follow the steps below:

  1. Open up Steam and navigate to your Library.
    Click on “Library”
  2. Now, right-click on the game from the list. From the menu, click on Properties.
    Click on “Properties”
  3. Now, click on the Installed Files section. Click on the Verify integrity of game files option to begin the process.
    Select “Verify integrity of game files” from the “Installed Files” section
  4. Wait patiently for the verification process to finish. It can take some time around 5-15 minutes, depending on where you’ve installed the game.
    The verification process takes a little while to complete
  5. Once the verification is complete, launch the game again to make sure that the issue is resolved.
    Launch the game again

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For the most part, this error has been fixed thanks to multiple updates released by Pocketpair. But on the off chance you find yourself facing this error, these fixes are sure to help you out. Now, get back to hunting some resources and spend some quality time with your Pals.


What is the “Session Search Error”?

The “Session Search Error” occurs when a player fails to connect to a multiplayer lobby. Although the player can play single-player mode, they are unable to join multiplayer lobbies. Although recent updates have managed to fix this issue for the most part, it can still pop up from time to time.

Why does this error occur?

There are a couple of reasons why this might occur; corrupt update files, packed or filled servers, servers are down, pending updates or an unexplained glitch.

What are the potential solutions for this error?

This error is usually fixed by verifying the integrity of the game files (on PC only), updating the game if any updates are available, and toggling the Multiplayer option On and Off for the world.


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