How to Fix ‘SenseNdrPktmon’ Causing Windows to Lock Up?

‘Session SenseNdrPktmon failed to start‘ is present in Windows error logs and even though it might not be visible as a pop-up error message, it causes the computer to get unresponsive or causes it to lockdown. In this state, users are forced to perform a hard reset to restore Windows.

SenseNdrPktmon Causing Windows to Lock Up

This scenario is a nightmare for any PC owner, and if you are going through it, we are here to help you. After carefully examining the issue, we can identify the following reasons resulting in the system lockdown issue due to SenseNdrPktmon:

  • Outdated PC Windows: If the Windows of your PC is missing an essential Windows Update, it may become incompatible with other components of your PC (like Wi-Fi driver), which may result in the PC lockdown issue at hand.
  • Corrupt/ Incompatible Wi-Fi Driver/Adapter: It is a combined effort by Microsoft and its vendors/ OEMs to give you a smooth PC experience, and if any of the OEMs fail to make his device compatible with other OS modules, then it may result in the incompatibility issue. The current SenseNdrPktmon issue is also reported to be caused by an incompatible Wi-Fi driver/adapter.

Before moving on, check if clean booting your PC to identify if a conflicting application, process, or service is causing the issue. Also, check if booting your system with bare minimums help single out if a device is causing the issue.

Update the PC’s Windows to the Latest Release

Your system may get locked up or become unresponsive due to SenseNdrPktmon if the Windows of your PC is outdated which may make the Windows incompatible with other system modules like system drivers etc. In this context, updating the PC’s Windows to the latest stable release may solve the problem.

  1. Press the Windows key on your keyboard and type: Updates.
    Open Check for Updates
  2. Now select Check for Updates (System Settings) and in the Windows Update window, click on the Check for Updates button (in the right pane of the window).
    Check for Windows Updates
  3. Then wait till the system checks for updates and if it shows that some updates are available, install these updates. Also, do not forget to install the optional system updates.
  4. Now make sure to update the system drivers along with BIOS to their latest builds. If possible, it will be better to use an OEM utility like Dell Support Assistant to update the drivers.
  5. Once the system’s Windows and drivers are updated, check if the SenseNdrPktmon issue is resolved.

Disable the Wi-Fi of Your System and Use an Ethernet Cable

The SenseNdrPktmon issue could be the result of the bad Wi-Fi card (if the system suffered a sudden power failure while the Wi-Fi card was under intense use) or its driver (if the OEM has not updated the driver to make it compatible with the latest OS on your system). In this case, disabling the Wi-Fi and using an ethernet may solve the problem.

  1. Right-click Windows and in the Quick Access menu, select Device Manager.
  2. Now expand the Network Adapters option and right-click on your wireless or Wi-Fi card.
    Disable Wi-Fi in the Device Manager
  3. Then select Disable Device and afterward, confirm to disable the Wi-Fi card of your system.
  4. Now connect your system to the Internet by using an ethernet cable and then check if your system is clear of the SenseNdrPktmon issue.

If so, then either update your Wi-Fi driver, get your Wi-Fi card checked for a hardware issue, or get it replaced.


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