What is Schedule Galaxy & Are They Legit? [2024 Guide]

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the daunting task of athletic scheduling? Worry not! Several athletic scheduling software is here to simplify your life. It’s a true game-changer for athletic departments, scheduling games, practices, and events simply while saving time, reducing errors, and boosting communication.

Schedule Galaxy (now Aktivate Scheduling) is a popular, user-friendly, cloud-based athletic scheduling software. It offers automatic, team, and sport scheduling event planning and works well with other Aktivate products.

In this guide, we will discuss everything about Schedule Galaxy. We will cover the features and benefits of the software. We will also provide a review of Schedule Galaxy and discuss whether or not it is a legitimate company.

What is Schedule Galaxy?

What is Schedule Galaxy?
What is Schedule Galaxy?

Schedule Galaxy, initially developed by former athletic director Rich Roy and school superintendent Phil Martin, was designed to address the complexities of educational athletics scheduling. They saw coaches and administrators struggling with the logistics, so they developed Schedule Galaxy to streamline the process.

As the platform gained grip, the vision expanded. In 2021, the brand transformed, becoming Aktivate Scheduling. This wasn’t just a name change but a broader shift in their offerings. They merged with RegisterMyAthlete, a platform dedicated to helping students enroll in sports programs.

This strategic merger aimed to provide schools with a comprehensive tool to handle everything from athlete registration to game day scheduling. The combined strength of both platforms under the Aktivate umbrella showcased their commitment to simplifying sports management for schools everywhere.

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How does Aktivate Scheduling work?

How Aktivate Scheduling works?
How Aktivate Scheduling works?

Aktivate Scheduling, once called Schedule Galaxy, is an easy-to-use tool for athletic directors. Directors can easily include event details like dates, places, and transportation. After they enter this, the system makes full schedules that coaches and parents can look at easily for better planning.

What makes Aktivate Scheduling special is it updates in real-time. So, if there are any changes, subscribed people get instant alerts. This way, everyone stays informed. Aktivate Scheduling has integrated fundraising capabilities as well.

Teams can set up campaigns, and the platform facilitates easy donation processes, helping sports programs secure the funds they need. With features for both scheduling and fundraising, Aktivate Scheduling is a complete tool for managing school sports.

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Features and benefits of Aktivate Scheduling

Features and benefits of Aktivate Scheduling
Features and benefits of Aktivate Scheduling

Schedule Galaxy, aka Aktivate Scheduling, isn’t just for scheduling; it’s a full tool for managing sports. Here’s a breakdown of its standout features and the benefits they bring to different users:

1. Comprehensive sports management solution

Aktivate Scheduling is a complete tool that handles all aspects of school sports management. From the beginning, when athletes sign up or register until the season’s final game ends with the last whistle, this tool manages it all. It simplifies the whole process, making it easier for everyone involved.

2. Automatic scheduling

No more manual scheduling is needed with Aktivate. It automatically creates games, practices, and events schedules, ensuring no overlaps or conflicts.

3. Team and sports scheduling

Whether basketball, soccer, or any other sport, Schedule Galaxy tailors its scheduling capabilities to fit the unique needs of each team and sport.

4. Event scheduling

Aktivate Scheduling isn’t just for games and practices; it also handles special events. It ensures everything goes as planned and takes care of all the details. This way, you won’t have to worry about any event logistics.

5. Integration with other Aktivate products

Aktivate Scheduling doesn’t operate in isolation. It seamlessly integrates with other Aktivate products, such as Registration and Certification, creating a unified platform for all athletic management needs.

Benefits for different users

Benefits for different users
Benefits for different users

Aktivate Scheduling streamlines the sports management process, allowing athletic directors to oversee programs accurately, coaches to focus on training, and parents to engage seamlessly in their child’s athletic journey.

1. Athletic directors

They can now supervise school or district-wide sports activities with ease. They can handle athlete eligibility tests and create detailed participation reports without hassle with everything available.

2. Coaches

Coaches can focus on what they do best: coaching. With Schedule Galaxy, they can easily manage their teams, ensuring all paperwork is completed on time, get real-time updates on athletic injuries, and communicate more effectively with their teams.

3. Parents

For parents, getting their children involved in sports is now stress-free. They can register their child online, sign documents, pay fees, and communicate directly with the coach through Aktivate Scheduling.

Does Schedule Galaxy has mobile apps?

Does Schedule Galaxy has mobile apps
Does Schedule Galaxy has mobile apps?

Schedule Galaxy once had its apps, helping users track team schedules and game locations. But after November 2020, these apps weren’t updated. Because Schedule Galaxy merged with Aktivate, instead of separate apps, the features of Schedule Galaxy were integrated into the Aktivate mobile app.

Available on both the App Store and Play Store, the Aktivate app simplifies everything from roster management for coaches to online registration for parents. It’s a blend of Schedule Galaxy’s legacy with the modern touch of Aktivate Scheduling.

Is Schedule Galaxy legit?

Is Schedule Galaxy legit?
Is Schedule Galaxy legit?

Both Schedule Galaxy and Aktivate Scheduling have shown a solid commitment to data privacy and security. As they changed to Aktivate Scheduling, the company kept the trust of Schedule Galaxy users by carefully protecting their personal information.

Their Privacy Policy is transparent, detailing how data is handled and ensuring users are always in the know. Aktivate Scheduling’s compliance with both COPPA and FERPA further solidifies its legitimacy. These regulations protect children’s online data and students’ educational records.

So, whether you knew them as Schedule Galaxy or now as Aktivate Scheduling, their dedication to user safety and compliance remains consistent and commendable.

Galaxy Schedule (Aktivate) competitors

Many companies offer athletic scheduling software, each with different features to help Athletic Directors and sports teams with what they need. Here are some of them:

1. ArbiterSports

ArbiterSports homepage

ArbiterSports is a well-known company that provides tools to help with sports management. They offer scheduling solutions, signing up, and officiating, giving a full package for managing sports.

2. LeagueApps

LeagueApps homepage

Catering primarily to youth and entertaining leagues, LeagueApps offers a blend of scheduling, registration, and website tools, making it a one-stop solution for league management.

3. SportsEngine

SportsEngine homepage

Another major contender, SportsEngine, provides a comprehensive sports management platform. It covers everything from scheduling and registration to communication, ensuring every aspect of sports management is addressed.

Final Thoughts

Aktivate Scheduling, once known as Schedule Galaxy, is a helpful tool for school sports. Created by experts, it makes managing sports events easy, from sign-ups to game day. It automatically creates schedules and helps with fundraising, sending updates to coaches, players, and parents as things change.

After merging with RegisterMyAthlete, it offers even more, all in one place. The mobile app, available for everyone, keeps communication smooth and scheduling easy. Aktivate Scheduling is safe, trustworthy, and easy to use, standing out even with other options like ArbiterSports and SportsEngine available.


What is the difference between Schedule Galaxy and Aktivate Scheduling?

Schedule Galaxy was an independent athletic scheduling software. In 2021, it merged with RegisterMyAthlete to form Aktivate, and its features were integrated into Aktivate Scheduling. Both names now refer to the same comprehensive sports management solution.

How does Aktivate Scheduling ensure data privacy and security?

Aktivate Scheduling is deeply committed to data privacy and security. They have a robust Privacy Policy and comply with major regulations like COPPA and FERPA, ensuring all user data is protected and handled responsibly.

Why are athletic scheduling apps essential for schools and teams?

Athletic scheduling apps make organizing and communicating about school sports and activities easy. They put all information in one place, schedule automatically, send updates about changes, and help everyone work together smoothly for a better experience.

Can parents and guardians use Aktivate Scheduling?

Aktivate Scheduling is designed for athletic directors, coaches, and parents. They can easily register their children, make payments, and stay updated on schedules and changes.


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