Intel Sapphire Rapids CPUs Hit Record High Sales

Intel launched its 4th Generation of Xeon Scalable Processors in January. Read more about that here. Reportedly, the server-oriented Sapphire Rapids lineup codenamed Sapphire Rapids-SP has hit record sales. So it seems that the wait was worth it.

Sapphire Rapids Sales Reach New Heights

While Intel’s SPR-SP CPUs still lag behind AMD’s Genoa, they offer a significant bump in performance as compared to last-gen. Additionally, thanks to EMIB Intel can pack more cores per package without raising costs exponentially. For reference, the 3rd Gen flagship ‘Xeon 8380‘ featured 40 cores on a single die. In contrast, the 8480H boasts 60 cores across 4 tiles.

Back to the topic, ITHome reports that these CPUs have recently created a new record for the Intel Xeon lineup. Apparently, just 8 weeks after launch, the number of SPR-SP CPUs shipped has hit a new high.

As per team blue, most OEMs and ODMs will employ these CPUs in their offerings, increasing Intel’s market share. In addition, the top 10 cloud systems are also said to use Sapphire Rapids this year.

It is pertinent to mention that the source doesn’t give us specific numbers. In any case, Genoa may be faster but seemingly the top dogs still want to go for Intel. That may change given how Intel has been slow to respond, as was the case with Sapphire Rapids.

Intel will unleash Emerald Rapids later this year, which will serve as an intermediary product until the next best thing. Based on the Intel 3 node, Granite Rapids will debut ‘possibly’ next year. These CPUs will use the next-gen Redwood Cove P-Cores for unparalleled performance. But that is yet to be seen.

Source: ITHome


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