Intel Sapphire Rapids Workstation Class ‘Fishhawk Falls’ CPU Lineup Leaks Out

Intel is launching the server-oriented Sapphire Rapids CPUs on the 10th of January. Alongside these CPUs, we are expected to see the revival of team blue’s Xeon lineup for the workstation department. Codenamed ‘Fishhawk Falls‘, these workstation CPUs are expected to launch by Q1 2023. Today, ECSM at bilibili has shared a few SKUs and more information regarding the Sapphire Rapids WS lineup.

Fishhawk Falls

ECSM has listed a few CPUs from the various segments (W9, W7, W5, and W3) of the SPR-WS series. We’ll go over these CPUs one by one.

Fishhawk Falls Leak | bilibili

W9 Series

Starting off with the W9 family, we see the Xeon W9-3495X and the W9-3475X with 56 and 36 cores respectively. Both of these SKUs are based on an MCM design. Similarly, both of these CPUs are overclockable as highlighted by the ‘X’ in their name.

W7 Series

The W7 series consists of 5 different SKUs, namely the Xeon W7-3465X, Xeon W7-3455, Xeon W7-3445, Xeon W7-2495X, and the Xeon W7-2475X. The highest core count offering in this range appears to be 28 cores going as low as 20 cores.

W5 Series

Serving the purpose of a budget-friendly HEDT offering, the mid-ranged W5 family has the most SKUs. The core counts in the W5 lineup range from 16 cores down to 8 cores. 

W3 Series

The ‘low-end’ SP-WS family codenamed W3 consists of 2 SKUs both of which feature just 6 cores. What’s interesting is that the Xeon W3-2423 does not support hyperthreading, being limited to just 6 cores / 6 threads. 

Platform Details

Back in our previous coverage, we came across a W790 server class board along with a speculation regarding Fishhawk’s release date. ECSM mentions that this lineup will make use of the W790 chipset and these CPUs are divided into 2 categories;

  • 3xxx
  • 2xxx

The main difference between these 2 different categories is the design itself. That is, the 3000-class CPUs will be based on an MCM design whereas the 2000-class CPUs will use the traditional Monolithic design. Furthermore, the 3000-class CPUs will support 8 memory channels along with 112 PCIe lanes. In contrast, the 2000-class CPUs will arrive with support for 4 memory channels and 64 PCIe lanes. That should probably be enough to distinguish between them. 

Release Date & Lineup

Fishhawk Falls targeted at mainstream HEDT consumers is planned for launch sometime in Q1 2023. This series is the successor to the Ice Lake-X/Cascade-Lake-X CPUs. Therefore, consumers have something in between an i9 and a Xeon Scalable CPU (For Servers). 

Xeon W9-3495X56/112MCMIntel 7
Xeon W9-3475X36/72MCMIntel 7
Xeon W7-3465X28/56MCMIntel 7
Xeon W7-345524/48MCMIntel 7
Xeon W7-344520/40MCMIntel 7
Xeon W7-2495X20/40MonolithicIntel 7
Xeon W7-2475X20/40MonolithicIntel 7
Xeon W5-3435X16/32MCMIntel 7
Xeon W5-343316/32MCMIntel 7
Xeon W5-342512/24MCMIntel 7
Xeon W5-342312/24MCMIntel 7
Xeon W5-2465X16/32MonolithicIntel 7
Xeon W5-2455X12/24MonolithicIntel 7
Xeon W5-244510/20MonolithicIntel 7
Xeon W5-24358/16MonolithicIntel 7
Xeon W3-24256/12MonolithicIntel 7
Xeon W3-24236/6MonolithicIntel 7


Source : ECSM


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