Samsung’s Foldable “Z Tab” Expected to Launch Alongside Galaxy Tab S9 Lineup

According to well-known leaker @Tech_Reve, Samsung’s Z Fold Tab (foldable version of a tablet) is anticipated to be introduced later this year.

The source hasn’t mentioned the specific release date of the device or further details regarding it hence we can’t be sure what the tablet looks like. However, there have been several significant leaks and rumors about the new tablet’s probable design. Previously, LetsGoDigital has highlighted us a Samsung patent which has showcased the tablet’s expected design.

Samsung Z Fold Tab Patent | LetsGoDigital

The primary distinguishing feature is that the display may have two foldable sections, enabling Samsung to design a tablet that is not only really pocketable but also, when folded, can function as a smartphone.

A triple-folding display prototype, which might possibly be used in the Galaxy Z Fold Tab, was presented by Samsung in late August of 2021. It seemed to be a fully functional Android gadget with a 7.2-inch OLED display that is widescreen rather than the smartphone-like square design of the Galaxy Z Fold.

Although Samsung opted to label this prototype the “Flex In & Out” rather than the Galaxy Z Fold Tab, we are still unsure whether this is indeed an early iteration of the anticipated folding tablet.

The Galaxy Z Fold Tab Will Feature Samsung’s Modified OneUI For Foldables

The Z Fold Tab will very definitely run Android with Samsung’s OneUI on top, much as the Galaxy Z Fold 4. With three applications able to share the screen simultaneously on OneUI, multitasking is presently even more possible than on the iPad. Windowed mode may be used to open additional programs for more involved multitasking.

OneUI Multitasking | Samsung

Although the precise release date is still unknown, you can anticipate it to be announced in August, alongside Galaxy Tab S9 series. Keep checking back for updates on the device.


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