Samsung XCover FieldPro Posted on AT&T’s Website: Supports Rugged Design, S9 Processor & a Hefty Price Tag

Samsung and AT&T were known for releasing quite rugged devices back in the day. Sadly though, the company stopped after the Samsung S8 Active. Since then, we haven’t really seen a rugged version of Samsung’s flagships. Though, a while back, Samsung did announce its XCover FieldPro back in January. Though, after that, the company was quite silent on the product. We thought we wouldn’t really see the product but a day ago, that all changed. According to an article posted on, a person on Reddit spotted the product posted on AT&T’s website.

The Samsung XCover FieldPro

Starting off with the specs of the device, the device has parts from devices all over, as the article suggests. The device supports an in-house chip from Samsung: Exynos 9810. It has 4 GB of RAM, nothing too wild out there. The former is the same processor that could be found in certain variants of the S9 or Note 10 Lite versions.

The device supports a 5.1-inch display. Probably a plastic panel, to actually support drops and spills associated with the device. The display is 1440p though. This means that at this size, it would be quite crisp. A better pixel density as well. It has a huge 4500mAh battery, perfectly suitable for the device, given that it has a small screen as well. though, in our personal opinion, a 5000mAh one would have really stuck the landing.

Currently, it is not that easy to get the device. Only people as a part of the FirstNet initiative can get the device. This means you have to be either a law enforcer, a firefighter and so on. Though, if you still want to get a device so rugged and loosely making flagship territory, you can get it from AT&T. It doesn’t come in cheap though. With a price plan of $36.84 for 2 years, the device comes out at north of $1100. If ruggedness is something you can compromise on, you’d be better off getting an S20 instead. It would be cheaper too!


Sarmad Burki

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