Samsung Smart Ring Will Come in Four Sizes, Likely to Be Launched Alongside Z Fold 6

The mystery of Samsung’s Smart Ring has lingered for some time now, and while many rumors this year have pointed towards a release date in the near future, there have been no official confirmations regarding the project. Earlier, it was believed that the ring would be launched alongside Samsung’s Z Fold 6, however, this deadline may be extended.

According to TheElec, the ring is in advanced development as of now, and since the design (as of now) is simply too big for commercial use, Samsung is looking to tone down the dimensions a bit before moving to mass production.

The ring will apparently come in a single model, however, there will be four sizes available for different finger sizes. In addition to this, it is possible that the ring may be delayed until the first quarter of 2025. However, if it isn’t, the release of Samsung’s sixth-gen foldables may be delayed to launch alongside the ring altogether.

Oura Ring | Oura

Not only that, but the Samsung Smart Ring will allegedly have better health tracking sensors than Samsung’s Smart Watch. Perhaps something similar to the Pixel Watch 2‘s multipath heart rate sensor; however, reducing the size would be challenging given how a lot of additional features will also be incorporated within the watch which will have to be cut down. Additionally, it will come equipped with ECG and PPG sensors.

Considering that Samsung will require medical approval for these health tracking sensors, which is mostly the primary objective of this ring, it is possible that the release itself may experience delays beyond the initial announcement. We also reported last month on the possibility of the watch being named ‘Curio,’ although this could merely be a codename for Samsung’s smart ring project.

At this moment, even after a lot of information has come to light, it is unclear why Samsung is keeping the smart ring project under wraps, but it’s possible that the company is still ironing out the details. See, smart rings are a relatively new product category, and there are still some challenges to overcome to bring them to commercial markets.

Samsung undoubtedly makes some of the best WearOS watches in the market, and this transition to a smaller form factor will bring about its own challenges. However, since the smart ring market isn’t populated with all sorts of companies, it’s possible that Samsung might just have a little bit of an edge after its first product launch.

Watch 6 Classic | Samsung

With companies such as Oura running the same race for almost a decade now, Samsung might have problems competing at the start, but that is exactly what we want to see—something new and innovative in the smallest form factor.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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