Samsung Partners Up with Irreverent Labs to Develop Short-Form AI Video Generator

Now that the potential of AI is out in the open, tech companies around the globe are looking for opportunities leverage it in better ways, generating more revenue in the process. Samsung has recently just partnered up with Irrelevant Labs, a startup based in Washington to use it’s capabilities to bring AI in different forms to it’s phones.

Since short-form video content is all the rage right now, the Korean tech giant is looking to use this opportunity to bring a short-form AI video generator app to its phones in the future. It’s not like Samsung will be the first company to ever think of this idea, since there are already tons of such softwares that do this for you.

Samsung simply wants to leverage this idea to better implement it within their phones, since, in the future, it could be an important factor for consumers when purchasing a phone. At the moment, however, we have no idea how Irrelevant Labs plans on incorporating this into the Samsung phone ecosystem.

For Samsung, that’s not where the AI plane lands, since the company will also be benefitting from Qualcomm‘s partnership with Meta earlier this year. The Snapdragon chip manufacturer will be bringing Meta’s Llama 2.0 LLM to it’s future SoCs, which would mean that the device using these chipsets wouldn’t need an external service, like ChatGPT to use AI.

Artificial Intelligence, or machine learning, like I’ve mentioned a lot of times before, is nothing new, but the way we’re starting to use them now kind of, clicks with the general audience. A chip with AI capabilities, on a very basic level, would be smarter, and will make better decisions, which, in turn would mean improved efficiency, and performance.

As far as Llama 2.0 integration is concerned, Qualcomm’s future chips would open a lot of new opportunities for developers, such as integration of AI in virtual assistants, productivity, and content creation. Qualcomm says that “These new on-device AI experiences, powered by Snapdragon, can work in areas with no connectivity or even in airplane mode.

It’s possible that Samsung’s collaboration with Irrelevant Labs is somehow related to this, but nothing is set in stone for now. In a short span, we’ve seen Google use AI effectively, introducing new features like changing the background, people’s clothes, and get this – perfect a shot, even if someone is distracted in it!

There are other interesting use-case scenarios where smartphone manufacturers are taking full advantage of AI, like Pixel’s Audio Magic Eraser, and Huawei’s Celia voice assistant, trained on Pangu 3.0 LLM.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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