Galaxy Ring Is Launching in H2 2024, Confirms Samsung Exec

Possibly at Samsung Unpacked later this year.

At its annual Unpacked event earlier this year, Samsung officially confirmed the existence of its new health wearable, the ‘Galaxy Ring.’ It was merely a teaser—no details were provided, and all Samsung did was showcase a flashy video of a sparkly ring onstage. This prompted many viewers to assume that a release was far off. However, in reality, an early release, possibly this year, is right on the cards.

Daniel Seung Lee, the Global Head of B2B Wearable/IoT/Accessory PM & Innovation Partnership at Samsung Electronics, recently responded to a video of the Galaxy Ring on LinkedIn, confirming that it will soon be launching in the latter part of this year. He stated, “New health & wellness wearable product in the 2nd half.

Samsung usually holds two Unpacked events every year: one at the beginning, for the launch of its flagship mobile devices, and another around the third quarter of the year, where they announce the new foldables (Z Fold and Z Flip), Galaxy Watches and tablets. This means that if the Galaxy Ring were to be making an entrance this year, it’ll most likely come at Unpacked.

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Samsung did not provide any information at the official showcase. However, they later confirmed to The Verge that it would come with “leading sensor technologies,” posing tough competition to others in the same segment, such as Oura.

Regardless, Samsung has been focusing on integrating health and wellness into its ecosystem over the past few years. With a product like the Galaxy Ring, intended to be worn for longer periods for consistent and accurate health tracking, it is highly likely that this form factor wouldn’t replace the Galaxy Watches but rather would be used in conjunction with them.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

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