Samsung Ballie is Back at CES ’24 — the ‘Projector on Wheels’ Robot That Follows You and Controls Your Home

Samsung Ballie makes a comeback at this year’s CES with a completely new, yet familiar look. This robot was first showcased at CES 2020, where the small, ball-shaped robot was introduced as your personal home companion on wheels.

Ballie is a small, spherical robot with two narrow wheels and a pill-shaped cutout at the front housing different sensors, cameras, and a full-fledged projector. Samsung calls it “your true AI companion” and demonstrates how this robot can come to you and project visuals on the wall.

Ballie is a ‘Projector on Wheels’ that Follows You Around

Ballie can help you interact with other smart devices and take care of the small details, such as turning any switch on and off, much like any virtual assistant. What’s new is that it can actually respond to text prompts.

Ballie texting their owner | Samsung

Samsung showed off a demo where the user, seemingly out of their house, prompted Ballie to feed and check up on their cat. In response, Ballie live-streamed a video of the cat and prompted the smart pet feeder to serve fresh food to the cat. Later, it can be seen interacting with other smart devices like lights and thermostat, changing them according to a set schedule.

Ballie greets you when you walk into your house and follows you if asked. It can act as a screen for your phone and can be useful in situations where you need to video-call someone. Moreover, it can act as your fitness assistant, projecting workout videos, and (if connected to the Samsung Watch) displaying your stats alongside.

Ballie can handle your fitness requests | Samsung

Samsung didn’t comment on when they plan on releasing Ballie, but the presentation didn’t show Ballie projecting that it’ll “see you at the event.”


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