Samsung to Partner with U.S Based Silicon Manufacturer to Boost 3nm GA Yield Rates

Samsung has announced its starting production on the 3-nanometer (3nm) process node using the “GAA architecture” in July earlier this year, but the company has been struggling with abysmal 20% yield rates as per the latest reports by Commercial Times

The 3nm GAA node’s initial press release stated, “Optimized 3nm process achieves 45% reduced power usage, 23% improved performance and 16% smaller surface area compared to 5nm process.” However, Samsung has failed to achieve the target figures, resulting in many enterprise clients shifting to alternative, more efficient silicons like TSMC‘s 5nm node despite TSMC using previous-generation technology. 

Samsung pegs on Silicon Frontline Technology to help achieve higher 3nm GAA yields

The Achilles heel of Samsung’s 3nm GAA node, which drives the yield down is the rampant electrostatic discharge. Silicon Frontline Technology is a Silicon Valley based company specializing in analyzing and solving problems with Gates. 

Silicon Frontline Technology will help Samsung solve its 3nm Gate-All-Around (GAA) transistor architecture problems. The company has proven methods for increasing yield rates of 3nm nodes by employing electrostatic discharge prevention and water qualification technologies. 

Some progress has been made, and Samsung’s eyes are set to re-establish its venture with Qualcomm after the company left Samsung for TSMC for the failure of its 4nm node. Samsung has also bridged some gaps with AMD, and as per reports by Twitter user Connor, Samsung has recently partnered with AMD and Google to produce a high-end smartphone chip design for their a future flagship based on the 3nm architecture. 

TSMC has also announced setting up a $12 billion plant in Arizona exclusively for the production of a 3nm process node. The completion of TSMC’s new plant has been delayed giving Samsung some headway going into the next fiscal year. However, with competition sprucing up between the two semiconductor giants, Samsung could potentially lose its enterprise clients if its partnership with Silicon Frontline Technology does not improve yield rates. 


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