Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Won’t Get a Resolution Upgrade, at Least for the Main Sensor

After trying out the ISOCELL HP2 on the S23 Ultra, Samsung seems to be sticking to the same sensor for the upcoming S24 Ultra, with some subtle differences. The 200MP sensor will be making a comeback next year, as the ISOCELL HP2SX, according to tipster Ice Universe.

@UniverseIce has been posting, and regularly updating his S24 renders, and the photo in the post above is an accurate representation of what the phone may look like, according to what we know so far. As for the main sensor, it is expected to remain largely similar to the last year’s model.

HP2SX (1/13″, 0.6μm) is a more refined, and optimized version of the existing HP2 (1/1.3″, 0.6µm), with the same hardware specifications, and while Samsung may consider making a lot of software adjustments next year, sticking with the current (main) sensor appears to be a wise choice. However, this doesn’t mean that the camera hardware on the S24 Ultra will remain TOTALLY unchanged.

In a report from August, it was revealed that the S24 Ultra is expected to feature an upgraded 50MP 3x telephoto camera, a substantial improvement compared to the 10MP telephoto camera in the S23 Ultra. This is probably a much better option than switching up the main sensor, since it promises to deliver more than 5 times the level of detail when capturing zoomed-in shots.

As for the other hardware, we know that the screen on the S24 Ultra will be upgrade to a 6.78″ flat AMOLED display, with Quad HD+ resolution, capable of going up to 2500nits of peak brightness, instead of the 1750nits on the S23 Ultra. It’ll also be housing the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy SoC, which was just revealed to be having made it’s way to Geekbench.

The performance numbers are amazing, with Qualcomm switching up the chipset configuration from a tri-cluster 1+5+2 on the normal 8 Gen 3 to a quad-cluster 1+3+2+2 on the “for Galaxy” chipsets. However, we’ll have to wait for the phone to release before we can see what this change actually means, in real-world testing.

The S24 Ultra may not see a resolution upgrade, but may be a lot better in terms of actual world performance, thanks to a much optimized main sensor, and a new telephoto lens. This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


Muhammad Qasim

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