Super Roader Releases Unofficial Renders for the S24 Ultra With Boxier Design, Unsymmetrical Bezels

Samsung’s next-generation smartphones, the Galaxy S24 series, are just a month away from their official release. Like every year, it’s not too difficult to predict the specifications that these phones will come with. After all, renders based on leaked information are already circulating on the internet.

Super Roader has recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel showcasing what he believes the S24 Ultra will look like, and it looks pretty convincing too. But does it really depict the actual finalised product? Well, let’s see…

The renders showcase the Titanium frame up close, along with the rumoured smaller bezels. Earlier this year, multiple sources confirmed a bezel size of 1.5mm across the four sides, but these renders seem to contradict that claim. Here, only the opposite side have the same bezel size. Nevertheless, they do appear to make room for a larger screen-to-body ratio when compared to last year’s S23 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s unofficial render | Supr Roader

Moreover, another interesting detail is how the Titanium mid-frame seems to be flat on both sides, indicating a boxier-looking design, something that is highly unlikely to be featured on Samsung’s next-gen flagships.

Titanium, boxier frame on the S24 Ultra (unofficial render) | Super Roader

However, moments after the renderings were posted online, multiple insiders, including Samsung reporter Universe Ice, refuted the claims of this being the final design. This is because Super Roader did post a different set of renders earlier this year, which he later claimed were fake in favour of these newer ones.

Due to contradictory claims floating around and until Samsung releases the phone on January 17th, it’s advisable to take every piece of news with a grain of salt. This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.

via: Super Roader


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