Walmart Accidentally Lists Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Ahead of Official Release

Leaks are nothing new to Samsung; in fact, most of their upcoming lineup of flagship phones has been leaked, including a report showcasing the official spec sheet for the S24 line. Stemming from that, it has come to light that the unreleased S24 Plus was just listed on Walmart ahead of its release.

From leaks, we know that “Samsung Unpacked” event is scheduled for 17th January, though there has been no official announcement. The S24 lineup was expected to be announced there, but with all the leaks surfacing online, particularly with somewhat believable ones like this, most of what the company intended to showcase is already out on the air, so let’s take a look at what the listing inadvertently revealed.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus’ Walmart listing

S24+ Retains the Same Design, Comes with 12GB RAM & Plethora of On-Device AI Features

The Walmart listing, in particular revealed the S24 Plus in Onyx Black. Most of the spec sheet was public knowledge, but there was one tiny detail that was surprising. Apparently, the Plus will feature 12GB of RAM, which is completely opposite to what we’ve been hearing for the past few months. The 12GB of RAM would be a first for the this segment. For comparison, last year’s S23+ maxed out at 8GB.

S24 Plus Specifications | Walmart

Other than that, Samsung seems to be taking design consistency a bit too seriously, since the press images seemed to indicate that the S24 Plus looked exactly identical to its predecessor, so much so that it was almost impossible to spot the difference from afar.

With most of the design elements carried forward from last year, or the year before that, and with improved hardware, it seems as Samsung is leaning towards the software, specifically AI. We heard about the introduction of Samsung Gauss—on-device generative AI model, but the listing had no mention of this.

Product details for the S24 Plus | Walmart

However, on the flip side, we had features like Nightography Zoom, Live Translate and Generative Edit, which indicated that the upcoming lineup will be loaded with a plethora of software tricks up its sleeve. As of now, Walmart has taken down the listing, but that is only more proof of how the details outlined may indeed be accurate.

This is all we know for now, but rest assured that we will keep you updated as new information becomes available.


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